What controller are ya'll using?

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I've had the Switch since day one and I absolutely love the system and pretty much everything about it, especially the joy-cons. I generally use them for just about anything I've played up until this point, even though I also have a pro controller, though, that was mostly purchased so that I could properly play Mario Kart with friends.

However, as much as I love the joy-cons, I really can't use them for FIFA. My preferred controls are based on older PES controls, so I use ZR to do skills and ZL for finesse shots. But man, those two buttons are hard to hold down while you're also sprinting AND keeping a good grip on each joy-con. I can't even use them with the joy-con grip, still feels awkward.

Good thing the pro-controller is just absolutely god-tier as far as more classic controllers go. But I'm curious, what is your personal preferred controller for playing FIFA on the Switch?


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