Were you disappointed that EA made no changes to the WL?

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Despite most users agreed that WL needed improvements from my previous poll

Were you disappointed that EA made no changes to the WL? 107 votes

83% 89 votes
16% 18 votes


  • Mini_Miudo
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    I like it. It could be improved, but wouldn't say I'm disappointed.
  • Retro_G
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    I should be done like other competitive games, open all week to play your games, you can play when ever you've the time. It needs a proper competitive ladder, with true skill based matchmaking.
  • C o b r a
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    This rush of 40 games to complete over the weekend is crazy, its like doin 4 full seasons in 2/3 days, all matches could get to ot and pens also, pure madness imo; do it every weekend to automatically turn on **** mode
  • Frankenberry
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    A game mode that ranks players based on 15-20 hours over a single weekend (and repeated every weekend for an entire year) is just unhealthy and absurd.

    I would love a game mode that pits users against each other to determine who is the best at FUT 18; I'm just not interested in spending literally 50% of the time that I'm awake on playing FIFA matches.
  • 9dal39
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    Yes should be stretched further, and monday added into the mix.. make it a little easier to complete those 40 games, or drop the games down to 30 and change the reward levels accordingly.
  • Khalabeeb
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    "You don't have to play the 40 games bla bla "

    40 games in 2 days is not good for your physical and mental health. EA should know this and it's very poor practice. The reason why is because it would cut into the profit. A full week means almost everyone will finish their games and therefor no need to spend money when you get weekly packs. They should start it on mid day Thursday till monday mid day.
  • Currieman
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    I don't mind it as it is. I'll play all 40 most weekends coz I am that addicted to FIFA but some weekends I won't be able to play any.

    Would definitely have preferred it if you had longer to play them all but it is what it is.
  • tetsu0jin
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    Thank god they added squad battles. Pretty good to make up.coins and get packs unless ur a scrub
  • NounieNoun
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    Retro_G wrote: »
    I should be done like other competitive games, open all week to play your games, you can play when ever you've the time. It needs a proper competitive ladder, with true skill based matchmaking.

    Exactly this. You have a working model why not use it?
  • AlexSolm
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    Should have reduced it to 30 games or added an extra day
  • Where is it confirmed that they've made no changes btw? I'm also disappointed that they kept it at 40 and will probably burn out pretty quickly now and sell my FIFA on eBay (costing EA money)
  • Choppers925
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    You know what, I didn't qualify for the weekend league until the last couple of months of FIFA 17. Played it, automatically qualified 3 times in a row and couldn't be bothered to play it again. To be honest I only played the 4th weekend just to improve the monthly reward.

    I was happy to finally qualify, but I simply don't have that much spare time to devote to FIFA on the weekend.
  • SeaDawgBob
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    I think this is the biggest fault by them in this game, not only from a players perspective but from a business end too.

    By limiting Player Access your also limiting the Player Base that'd be willing to pay for FPs.

    Lets face it, a lot of us that competed in WL put more $$$ into Fifa to try and get that better rank. I at least fell victim of it.

    Also, by Limiting the WL to 3 days it puts a MASSIVE strain on their servers. Granted, I know a lot of players play on the Weekends, but there's a also a decent chunk that would play during the week. Right now you have every single WL Player playing at the same exact time. You're bound to run into bandwidth constraints, it's just inevitable.
  • LoboNobo
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    The whole concept is so broken
  • HBG-unit
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    More annoyed i have not enough time to play more than 25 games due to work & family commitments
  • ASH32
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    Don't know why they couldn't have made it the weekly league instead, with games from Friday until Tuesday (gives them a couple of days to sort rewards and stuff) and gives people more time to play and spreads the server load.
  • delpieroalex
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    disappointed with the 40 games again...we have life during weekends...
  • RadioShaq
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    Should be glad it's only 40. Now that people are saying they are going to do squad battles and wl it shows people have time for more.
  • 40 Games for 3 Days is insane!!
    More then 30 Hours per Week!

    The people have one life in weekend days.

    Reduce this for 25 Games per week and extend more one day.

    Thank You
  • GhostHN
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    Yes I am dissapointes, the squad battles format is WAAAAAAAAAy better, having to sacrifice all wekkend is a NO No bros, make this a week competition please or change the format like Rocket league or league of legends but for the love of GOd, dont make us sacrifice all the wekeend PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • tikitaka33
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    I pity the people who will complete all of the squad battles and weekend league every week. 84 games a week.
  • Beta
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    40 games is absurd amount of games over 2/3 days. Change it to whole week please.
  • ozcs_69
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    I`m planning of playing the relaxed mode of "squad battles" during the year and not gonna make much difference for me to be honest, i have the worst pack luck in the century and 30k or 45k that i get for G3 and G2 is not much different from squad battle elite finished results so...
  • MiIan
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    In terms of how many games need to be played, yes.

    As I don't have many time during the weekends, I have never played a full WL. It's just impossible to play a full WL without spending your whole weekend on it.
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