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  • bberger
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    Should just release multiple cards of players. For example, Alexis could have both a ST card and a LW card.

    Or, players that in real life play multiple positions would just get chemistry in those positions.

    Could also limit you to 2 changes. For example:



    And so on.

    either they give us full position chamge cards already - or - what looks more likely by now - give us multiple cards per player position. Eother way this needs to be done.

    Or the scrubs can pick a different player............ there's a whole database out there, go on be brave, put that EPL player to bed.

    still annoys the hell out of me that I can't play Alaba and Fuchs in one team. Alaba has been playing CDM/CM/CAM for Austria for several years now, still I can't play him there without a MASSIVE penalty in chem...
  • I SiR MartY I
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    It would probably be impossible to do, but I'd like players to be allowed to play anywhere but have a main position/area that gives them the most boosts (LW/LM/LF for left sided players) The further you stray from that position, the lower the stat boost.

    So you could put Messi into CB if you wanted but the boost he would get would be incredibly small, but putting him RW/CF would give him the highest boost possible. This would allow a bit more freedom with squad building, sure, we're still held back by the poor league/nation/team chemistry but at least we can be a bit more creative, especially if a player gets an IF in a position they aren't useful in for Ultimate Team.
  • KeepItUp
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    They need to do that, will make squad building more creative.
    Building teams is boring because it's the same for years, I 'd like to play bale as an LB (nostalgia) :s
  • bjornheisenberg
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    SeanDCFC wrote: »
    They should do it like football manager, players have their natural position, positions they are accomplished at, resonable at and positons they can't perform well in at all. The further away from natural the lower there in game stats become. It would allow flexibility and would be realistic.

    ea are too lazy though.

    they would need a research team on the case also which would cost money..
  • Currieman
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    Stopping people from being able to change formation in the first half is a ridiculous idea. Like someone has said, if you come up against a player with a formation that completely destroys yours you should be able to change whenever you want. I did this on many occasions on 17 and it does work.

    What they need to do is change something chemistry wise because it's not great right now. The 1st minute changes suck and a solution needs to be found but banning people from subbing people or changing formation isn't the way.

    Each player having a secondary position could be a good idea.

    I really like that captain idea btw. Would be a game changer.
  • gregeth2000
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    if chemistry was not locked once the game started, so if you changed a position or formation then it continued to calculate it based on the pre match formula, then a lot of people would stop changing formation after kick off as it would ruin their chemistry
  • DonKing
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    I'm sure in fifa 11 or 12 a lf or rf could play as a striker and be on full chem...

    Chem is also over hyped, I did just fine with me lf CR7 and Son on 7 chem. Felt no different to 10 chem. Also lm or rm playing on 4chem cam, i felt no difference. Ribbery was a beast as a cam.

    But yeah, its called ultimate team, you should be able to llay players where ever you like..It's your ultimate team at the end of the day.
  • V_Babu_V
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    Yes, I want it!

    One other thing EA should do is allow player ratings to change based on actual gaming performance - that way people can sell players at a profit based on their own good performance and there will be less homogeneous (BORING) teams out many teams had Son & Martial to name just two over used players.....
  • TriggerMike
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    Do what PES do...if a player plays more than one position then they should be allowed on the game with a slight drop in rating to match how good they are in the other position/s irl.
  • Any tym7
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    I love how everyone pauses game at start to fit players where they want lol

    Once again ea out of touch
  • Pelicano
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    I telk you this: The pause game gimmick to change in game formation is totally ❤️❤️❤️❤️. That should end.

    Players positions should have degrees of chem just like in FM just as mentioned here: natural position》fully adapted》adapted. Position cards should unlock said states. For example Danilo from city would be naturally a RB. If we give him a fully adapted card he would become a CDM with -1chem and if we wouks give him the adapted card we could be a LB with -2 chem
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