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What team/players for "Chemistry is Key" SBC??

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Just noticed this, TOTS player for doing it.

Gold GK, 2 CB, CDM, CAM and 2 ST.
All from one club, different nationality for each player.

Anyone know a good lineup? (I'd appreciate it)


  • strings79
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    Look on futbin like your told every time
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    strings79 wrote: »
    Look on futbin like your told every time

    Don't recall that being mentioned, I'll google that now. Cheers buddy.
  • Enigma8784
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    Try Hull. Most the premier league teams have the ability to do it.

    Go into futbin SBCs and find the above and start the challenge and you can try before you invest to check it works
  • TheJoedanimal
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    I used Augsburg, but that's probably pretty expensive at the moment. I know for a fact Olympiakos works, but I've heard that's pretty expensive too. I say just check through your club and work with whatever you have that's closest to getting it done. Then just sell off non rare golds with unusual nations and make a fair profit.
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