Time to integrate a udp diagnostic tool into the game.

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Stop using icmp to measure ping.
There is now hard evidence this is unreliable because of measures isps and teir 1 networks take when nodes go bad.
They blank out info on icmp so you cant see what is going on.
UDP shows up a lot of the time.

Surely you can then give the your customers hard evidence to go to their isps with when they have problems.

take this graph.

Ive been having issues on seasons last few weeks.
Ive had problems on WL and dko all release.

p2p will be my isp...juts look at the mess of their nodes.
The server based games are giving me problems because of a route on level 3 between madrid and amsterdam.

This test was done to one of your game servers which didnt handshake obviously but it still follows the route.

time to take notice.
this is causing the vast majority of input delay.



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