Fut 18 otw

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Assuming one-to-watch cards are returning who are people's predicted players to receive them? And do you think they will edit them to upgrade with motm cards etc...


  • Black_Toutie
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    Lacazette, Lukaku Salah, and Ederson will probably get one. All i'm hoping for is an OTW Huntelaar the eredivisie needs to get some love.
  • ZizioGardo
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    OTW cards shouldn't upgrade with MOTM cards, TOTS cards ect. It's just fine with the TOTW.
    There needs to be some kind of a gamble/downside by getting the OTW cards.
    By the OTW only being upgraded with the TOTW that gives the MOTM ect. more value, which is a good thing.

    A lot of people that are complaining about the OTW cards only being upgraded with the TOTW, are people that have invested in the OTW. They don't even want to play with the card. They only want to profit from them.
  • GoodnightIrene
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    Could see a decent chunk of otw Milan cards.

    Deulefuo for Barca as well, Kongolo fir Monaco etc, gonna be lots of top options for Fut 18.
  • bjornini
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    Tielemans for sure
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