Tots Icardi or Tots Belotti??

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Icardi on stats BUT.

1. I play using Tots Immobile in my main team, this choice is for the backup. Belotti probably plays more like Immobile?

2. The price difference means more to spend in midfield. If I go Icardi its NIF Bonaventura and Marchisio. If I go Belotti its Naingollon and IF Bonaventura PLUS I can bring in IF Criscito for Lulic at LB AND Upgrade NIF Parolo to IF in my main team.

So - Icardi with the weaker midfield or Belotti with the stronger one?


  • xfx
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    93 Higgy, better workrates
  • Colin32
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    In this case go for Belotti. He is more like Immobile then Icardi indeed. BUT you will notice a big difference tho.
    Tots Immobile was on a whole new level for me while Belotti is not really that great. Great finisher but he misses that extra class from Immobile.

    Icardi is a whole different player imo, I don't like him at all, don't know if it is his agression or something else, he just isnt it for me.
  • paul24878306
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    @Colin32 Belotti look s very close to 88 Immobile, who I used for a long time. I dont expect him to be as good as Tots Immobile.

    @xfx I did think of Higgy, but used his 92/93 a couple of times and he goes missing in twin striker formations - great as alone striker but in a pair Im not so sure. There quite close on stats - Belotti has short passing, agression and balance over Higgy, who has composure, long shots and reactions over belotti.

  • xfx
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    I got TIF Icardi in my main team for 6 months, two striker formation, alongside with SIF Perisic(for me he is TOTS quality ST), and then swiched Icardi for 93 Higgy, and god, what a difference, the positioning of Higuain is top class. Sold Higgy for TOTS Immobile, which is superb and a noticeable upgrade. Got SIF Belotti for a long time in my 2nd team, but his workrates ruin him(he doesn't stay forward)
  • paul24878306
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    Went for Immobile in the main team and Higgi in the backup - I can always switch to Belotti if Higgi doesnt work out - Ill need to save if I want to try Icardi.
  • leverkuseeeen
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  • Shutup
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    Belotti days trash for me
  • Richehb1
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    I use Belotti and immobile in a 3-5-2 and they both have goal contribution to game ratios of around 1.4
  • WallOfTrump
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    Belotti with a hunter was legit for me. But icardi tots Id say is amazing. Big difference in my book.

    As someone said it has to do with style. But as sole strike in a 433 or something. Icardi is amazing. Lethal in the air for me. Fast and strong enough to get through in a counter or open gap.

    Strong enough to hold off get space for quick pass. Makes crazy shots and is clinical from both feet.

    Only knock is 2* skills. But I'm not a big skills guy especially with a fast strong striker that can beat people without using them. Has a bit of the son lose balls fall to him skill too. Whatever attribute creates that.
  • TubAShet
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    Belotti is basically Immobile Jnr
  • Maro6590
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    I got tots immobile , tots Belotti and tots Icardi

    And Icardi is way more agile and Dynamic than Belotti
  • Shahski
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    Tots Dzeko is worth a look. Hunter card makes him unplayable at times.
  • CFCHenri
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    89 Icardi worked better for me than TOTS Icardi.
    TOTS Belotti works in a 2-striker formation otherwise forget it.
    Belotti does feel like Immobile more than Icardi and that's always been strange to me considering Icardi's stats.

    Icardi will easily get pushed off the ball though he has high strength, poor aggression leads to this but since the FIFA devs don't know how aggression and strength work, Icardi gets pushed like he weighs nothing. Because of that, his "Tries to Beat Defensive Line" can be so annoying at times but one of the best finishers in the game.

    I'd choose Belotti cause you can build a better team around him.
  • Aspral
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    Used them both. Didn't like Belotti.

    Icardi however I loved. He's strong on the ball, fast, great in the air and finishes perfectly.

    Maybe it's the player model?
  • Wooly1203
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    Belotti with the stronger midfielder
  • AliasMaurice
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    Icard is a better card on the ball but belotti is sound. He's been hit and miss for me, misses chances he should score and then scores some crazy unexpected goal. He's definitely agile. Put a few diving headers away and volleys.

    Immobile is better than them both.
  • paul24878306
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    Thanks for all the comments guys. As I said, Ive given 93 Higuain a try. Ive used his 92 that really worked for me, and his 93 that didnt previously. Similar price to Belotti so have built the better team - and can swap for Belotti if Higgi isnt working.

    So far,,, not sure. Played 3 games only which isnt much to go on. First game he did nothing, and had a 6.2 overall rating. Second game he was again pretty invisible...apart from twice when he just appeared and scored. third game he was everywhere, had a 9.1 rating despite not scoring - he had all 4 assists though.

    Jurys out. Ill give him 10-20 games and see.

    As I said, Ive changed my "ethos". Ive always had a 23 man squad that includes equal quality players throughout and 3 dedicated subs. Ive still kept the squad and subs, but have a definate "A" team and a definate "B" team.

    My A team is Tots Immobile/90 Dybala striker, with 87 Gomez at CAM. 88 Hamsik and 85 Nainggoon at CM, Tots Biglia at CDM - then MTM Sandro, Chiellini, 88 Koulibaly, Bday abate across the back and Tots Donarumma as GK.

    Im fairly happy with that. Dybala, Gomez and Hamsik can be upgraded but would be quite costly so its pretty set.

    My B team has 93 Higgi/85 Diao at striker, 85 Brozovic at CAM, 84 Parolo and 85 Mario at CM with IF De Rossi at CDM. IF Criscito at RB, Florenzie at LB and IF Tonelli to rotate with my A Teams CBs. Same GK.

    Ultimately Higgi might change for Belotti, and I want to move Brozovic to CM replacing Mario and bring 87 Perisic into CAM, but again costly so Ill have to wait. The only "cheaper" option is 84 El Shaarway at CAM, but Ive never really got on with him. Lightweight and terrible finisher - though he is nimble, 5* skills and has a great finess from the edge of the box.
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Immobile feels great but missed too many sitters for me. Got Icardi and he can finish anything.
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