Tots Verratti any good?

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  • Dabizas
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    Solid for me.
  • ZiggieTTU
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    Even though I hadn't played in a month and cobbled a team together after I drew him... he scored my only two goals in first game I played and ended up being everywhere at the right time.
  • draco972
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    Beast for me
  • Caspertjuh
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    Verratti is absolutely perfect. Love his 4star wf and skill. Couls surprise opponents.
  • WallOfTrump
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    edited July 2017
    I packed him untraceable in the league sbc never used him before so had to play around with him a bit.
    Too small to be a sole CDM. He's decent but wasted there. Was decent creator for me at cam. But ultimately he's flurished as one of the 2 cm in a 433(4) for me.

    100% put hunter on him where ever you play him. I'm not a hunter guy. But on that card it just makes sense.
  • LiamSully
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    Very good for me.

    I agree with the guy above tho, too small for a CDM, stick him as a wide CM and he's great.

    4/4* + he can tackle. If he was bigger he'd be better than Radja
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