Please help - How to build this squad?

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Currently have this + 935k coins - want to maintain this formation.

Want to maintain La Liga, was thinking of putting Aspas in at ST taking up 240k, meaning we have 700k left.

My shortlist of options:
Bring in N'Zonzi to free up some coins. Maybe swap Modric for TOTS Casemiro, upgrade Isco to TOTS Isco?

Is it worth swapping Luis for TOTS Marcelo or Luis? that way I'm short on coins for TOTS Isco?

Any options from La Liga TOTS I should consider - Is it worth downgrading Kroos to Trigueros for the coins it saves?


  • Idrissa
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    Sell kroos , bring Isco to CM , get viera from las palmas (TOTS) . fut bday Torres upfront

    Or get musa ?
  • Cadey 5
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    I would swap TOTY pique for TOTGS Varane and get Messi or Ronaldo at LST.
  • Runefang
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    Move Isco to RCM. Get TOTS Carrasco and play him upfront with SBC Suarez at CAM.
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