How do you guys react when you get a DC in the WL?

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Do you get angry?
Do you laugh?
Do you break things?

I myself wants to burn EA's company when this happens to me...


  • pumavii
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    happened 2 times today in the space of an hour , never disconnect but today 2 times lol game is a joke when there is promo packs on the same server as fut champs
  • WallOfTrump
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    I was livid last weak was up 3-1 game suddenly started glitching then when I was in on goal it froze and was disconnected.
    I never get disconnected. So, it was a BR suspect. However, after that I was losing in a DKT and my opponent got disconnected. Then same thing happened in this wl. I assume my opponents were skeptical as I was...which made me feel like maybe last week was just a freak weird thing.
  • Baznotsobad76
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    I go for a drive and murder a hooker....
  • FootyFootyFootball
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    I've been known to punch myself in the head as it's cheaper than doing it to the controller. Tend to do this during EAids as well, and losing, and conceding, and generally during the course of the game.

    I'm aware I have issues.
  • Pxul_
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    I just give up on WL like this weekend DC in the first game and that was the last game i played
  • Retro_G
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    I never get a DC.
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