TOTS Mbappe

148 posts Has Potential To Be Special
Worth his pricetag?

Don't care about 3 star skill moves, and the only other con people mention is the composure stat when Son has only 5 points higher in that regard and are one of the best finishers in the game.


  • n2j2000
    2169 posts Fans' Favourite
    I got him untradeable, so felt forced to use him in a team. He is very underwhelming tbh, I would not pay coins for him.
  • WallOfTrump
    585 posts Sunday League Hero
    He's one of my favorite strikers. The strength pace finishing combo is amazing.

    Balance is good. Great defense for a striker too. Have him paired with sbc lacazette.

    Seen other players have similar success with him.. he held off my 88 sokratis and put far post twice. Won the game late but mbappe single handledly made it close.
  • holdenwait
    56267 posts National Treasure
    his POTY is fantastic but that only cost me 150k, wouldn't necessarily pay 400k
  • xFATAL
    4233 posts National Call-Up
    He's amazing although it took a few games before I really started liking him. Have the POTY which I only paid 90k for.
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