Game over

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Bored with fut so I decided to rinse my club into the la liga sbc. Didn't expect it taking soooooo long: took like 2 hours to open 8 packs and I'd only spent 30k of my 260k. The boredom was REAL! So then bought a 125k pack a few 55k and others. Nada. Nowt. So, i ended up finally plunging players like Bale, 88 Pulisic, sbc Juanfran and IF Carvalho into a couple of the the 84+ totw sbc. After all this madness I'm left with IF Bentley as my best player.

Game over basically, but then this game has been over for awhile anyway.

I see alot of posts on here where people are getting amazing pulls from these "premium upgrades". Begs belief.


  • blasé
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    Just threw the rest of the junk I had left lying around into 10 more premium SBC and got junk in return. Also Varane duplicate twice in a row.

    What is so premium about these upgrades?
  • RUS_PreDaToR
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    Really is game over for you, how can you only have 260k this late into the game?
  • blasé
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    I'm casual I guess: Played something like 650 games altogether which is peanuts to the hardcore players. I've saw some on here with over 1000 wins. I don't trade and can't be arsed with SBCs as I said. I was put off doing any more SBCs after conpleting the NOS one for Jonas - he was rubbish and basically a burden on my club. Also, I did have one terrible deal and lost like 80k on Ramos - still not sure how that happened :D
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