Brainstorming (FUT 18) Rare Cards

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What if "rare" cards were actually rare?

Right now "rare" cards are just shiny!
They are NOT rare in fact they are plentiful.

The game would be much more interesting if they were a bit harder to acquire.

If every team represented in the game had like two players that were very difficult to acquire, it would make rare cards much more interesting.

I'm mean really why even call them rare?
In the current format it would make more sense to call them "ridiculously common shiny cards".

What are your thoughts???


  • Gromit
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    Just means a bog standard player like Coutinho would probably be 4x as much to buy as he is now.

    If anything there are too many "SPECIAL CARDS" about 80% of all rare and non rare cards don't even get used, except for SBC fodder.

    EA only cares about your £$£$£$£, they don't care about making a game that makes sense.
  • EJL
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    If it meant spending more than 400 coins on Tom Cairney then count me out. ;)

    On a tangentially related point, I was shocked when I came back to Ultimate Team properly after about two or three years to see just how many special card cards there are: several more colours, shades of the same colour, 'Movember' and 'FUT Birthday' special release -- it's insane. I don't really care either way but EA have really ramped it up.
  • bberger
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    Pack weights are ridiculously low as it is.. Have never bought so little packs - and not because of SBCs as I don't do them either really..

    They need to change up requirements or add another (PLAYING) mode where you can actually use those cards.

    There is just no point in doing SBCs or buying packs as the card weight is so low. Won't open another pack until EA releases their rigged drop rates publicly.

    They shoot themselves on theor foot long term. FUT will die out eventually
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