Has anyone sold a Meier? lol

La flama blanca
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The guys doin my nut in. Been relisted loads. Tempted to just quick sell the fool.


  • alexanderk26
    1395 posts Professional
    I quick sold mine. He would be discard if there weren't minimums anyways. EA give you false hope that your card has value by making him 60k min. Or whatever he is. Reality is he would sell at 10-11k if there wasn't a floor
  • Campino
    29873 posts National Team Captain
    Quick sold
  • La flama blanca
    412 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yeah I might just quick sell him. Thing is if he wasn't a blue or black card and just a normal gold you wouldn't even get 1000 coins for him. As soon as he's ready to relist again he's goin off my list for good I think
  • Maradona
    5275 posts Big Money Move
    put a hunter card and pray a lot
  • soulstar
    619 posts Sunday League Hero
    I am playing him as a false 9. So much fun! So sad people rather put a rf Auba as Striker as him.
  • FIS
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    edited May 2015
    Maradona wrote: »
    put a hunter card and pray a lot
    this and if he doesn't sell and u don't need the 10k just keep him first owner tots i have opend almost 500k and still didn't even get a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ blue :(
  • Maradona
    5275 posts Big Money Move
    edited May 2015
    I'd pay like 25k for him, sincerely.

    edit: not an offer, just saying he's got some value
  • Michael LFC 96
    3711 posts National Call-Up
    I'm waiting for him to drop to discard please don't quick sell :open_mouth:
  • Jonny
    6331 posts Big Money Move
    Sold mine after about 10 listings. I had to spend 7k on a hunter but it worked a few cycles later.
    Without a hunter, you have next to no chance of selling.
  • AFWard
    916 posts Semi-Pro
    Not even bothered listing any of my cheap TOTS.
    Would rather keep them than quick sell them :-)
  • EDDlE
    1728 posts Play-Off Hero
    Out of the untradeable packs I opened, I was hoping he wasn't the one I got.
  • FC TwennyP
    2322 posts Fans' Favourite
    I won a Hero Meier in the BPL tourney pack... not worth a bean even if i could sell him.. stupid untradeables!!!
    5159 posts Big Money Move
    I sold mine :)
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