Gerard Deulofeu.

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I'm not usually a fan of wingers on FIFA but this guy, Deulofeu, is something else...I use his Everton card in a 433 PL team and he's out of this world! He got 91 pace...he feels like 120 pace, he turns so sharp and with 4 star skills, just rips people's defence to shreds. I only paid 1.9k for him at the time (now price fixed for stupid amount), tho I'm sure his Milan card is cheap.

I don't understand how he's so good, feels like a 100k+ player, can score goals, set them up and terrorise defences all game long, its a joke lol, just simply toys with 'em.

Anyone else used his card? And thoughts?

P.s. and no I'm not trying to hype his card or increase price etc. Don't have time for that.


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