What do you think of this Red Card (yes or no)

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I got this red card against me in the 119th min of play. Ive looked at it heaps of times and cant even work out why its called a foul. You can clearly see i made contact with the ball and IMO, that is no way in the world a red card or a penalty.


  • KetBreezy
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    That's not a penalty FULL STOP, maybe it is in China. But any where else that's not a foul, a red card as well is just spit in the face.

    Referees eh.
  • Onedoesntsimply
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    "It's in the game" :D
  • Robmu22
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    Jeeez, i haven't seen a single red in about 350 games, nor me or my opponent.

    In fact, my full team combined has about 3 yellows over 350 games.

  • JonRambo
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    EA hates me im sure of it. They make me lag, always make me frustrated and dont give me any good cards from packs.

    Is there such a thing as people getting black listed lol
  • Viggo 007
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    That's a perfect clean tackle in real life
  • JonRambo
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    Some said earlier in another thread if you are lagging then everything in the game lags, AI and even the refs act funny as it has something to do with the game engine. I get so many penalties and free kicks against me and its mainly in these laggy games.

    And i hardly ever get any free kicks myself even though it seems my opponent does way worse things to me.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    Happens all too often, but smashing a player from behind without touching the ball is fine to them
  • B67_grl
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    Please stop posting youtube clips, i end up losing 20-40mins of "life" everytime!

    how did i end up here?!

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