Immobile TOTS?

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Anyone familiar with the league have any input. I know he has several informs but thats not always a direct correlation to overall performance. His 88 looks great and i might want to start compiling stats with it unless he has a high chance of tots honors.


  • CosmicDance
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    He'll probably be on the bench of the squad.

    Been on fire for Lazio but under Belotti, Dzeko, Higuain and possibly Icardi for the striker role.
  • nitraw
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    yea idk he's not in the top 4 scorers. its belotti dzeko and icardi then higuain. so i'd bet on those 4. belotti might end up on the bench because he only had 2 IFs so far but it would be kinda funny for him to be left out if he finishes top scorer in the league
  • Rumplefish
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    Really hard to tell, there are better Striker as well as Gomez and Mertens at CF/CAM. I don't think he'll make it
  • Rick
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    ST: Belotti, Dzeko, Icardi, Higuain, Mertens
    CAM: Gomez, Dybala, Nainggolan

    Don't think there's room for him unless he overtakes one of the other striker options.
  • jhonps3
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    Immobile will be sbc extra tots , Remember this messages
  • DrWorm
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    thanks for all the opinions!!
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