Financial Takeover

The only reason I play FIFA is so that I can play career and when I decided to do a stoke city career I wanted to use one of my financial takeovers to boost up the money but then I did not work and same with the second and third. I'm not to happy that this happened as I only play FIFA for career and if this is not fixed I will NOT be getting the next game!!!! If any of you guys have had this problem please reply to this so that ea might see this
Also if anyone at ea see's this please reply and give me any further information on this problem and if anyone is to reply please make sure it's not Shiela form ea help because she was useless
I hope you can fix this problem in the near future
Thank you for reading
Taylor sherry/TipsyTaz5


  • I would like to know if possible I can get my financial takeovers back
  • SACanuckinOz
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    No, unfortunately not. There are a few of these, at different experience points. Hopefully you have one for later
  • Markiegj
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    The other way is to edit the team before you start and add messi etc to the team and then sell them, you will then have a massive budget and dont need the take over
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