Stats drop too fast in Career Mode!

Stats start dropping at the age of 30 and they do too quickly! Specially Stamina!

How can even a world class player lose 20 Stamina points in 2 years? It doesn't make sense!

Things should start to drop around age 32 for a world class player, not 30! And not so fast!

It makes us retire great players early!

(Also so many players retiring at 33 is crazy but that's another topic -that doesn't make sense either-).


  • Markiegj
    12 posts Ball Boy
    I have noticed this, I am playing in league one and have had to put my best player from last year on the bench because he can not last the first half. The issue then is that he wants to leave all the time as he wants to play matches.

    There are two things here for me, one its not realistic for players legs to go that fast and two there should be an ability to talk to the player about it, so that they know that you are putting them on the bench because they can not last matches, so that you dont have to sell them.
  • TeessideDan
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Doesn't matter, stats disappear once the game activates the momentum code. Its largely pointless having one player over another in a lot of cases because the game doesn't care, it just cares about manipulating the score line and balancing who is playing better and worse.
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