Stuff you want in Fifa 18


  • silverdale10
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    Star/team rating based on starting 11. No 'help' given to people with multiple coloured cards and a bunch of 45 rated players on the bench.
  • TheonlywayisS6
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    Sheffield Wednesday in the Premier League would be nice.

    Would love to have Hillsborough in the game, and Fernando's cute little face.
  • oiloco88
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    Better servers. Thats it
  • Yetko
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    Decent refs who calls fouls
  • silverdale10
    1406 posts Professional
    No more invisible trampolines fixed to players chests.
    Took a goal kick this afternoon, nice gentle one out to the midfielder, easy to control. Ball rebounded off his chest like I'd done a driven shot at him at point blank range, straight into the path of opponents striker. Sick of this bs.
  • PineHayes
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    No kick off boosts or momentum
  • TheonlywayisS6
    1934 posts Play-Off Hero
    Let either player skip the goal replays - sick of waiting for my opponent to watch every nanosecond of the ball settling in the back of the net after each trampy tap-in, followed by a close-up of Musa's smug f___g face.

    If somebody wants to touch themselves watching their goals they can do so for as long as they like in the highlights afterwards.
  • DonKing
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    A working balanced game where skill levels matter, thats all. Fifa 17 is catered towards the casual player, no skill gap unless u learn to abuse the game mechanics which in itself is sad.
  • JonRambo
    1096 posts Professional
    I havent read all the posts, so if anyone has already mentioned this, this is all i want.

    -Whatever they need to do to make the games less Laggy and HAVE NO BUTTON DELAY
    -AND PLEASE REMOVE THE MOMENTUM CRAP so my players dont play like Sunday league players
    - make each player represent their actual stats, make my Iniesta be able to make passes he can in real life. Make it so when you save up all these coins for an Ultimate team, they perform like one and not play worse which is what normally happens.
    -fix the Goal Keepers up so they dont let in easy goals all the time
    -more polish in the overall game with movement, ball going through bodies to score goals

    And i dont care what others say, if im using Sadio Mane with 99 speed, i should be able to outrun most players yet most of the time i feel like im running in mud or sand
  • Warnerdavid
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    edited March 2017
    Fix sprinting /fatigued- no one IRL sprints 80 mins straight. Fix stamina - if they are sprinting alot make them fatigued.

    Allow us to move my player positions- place maximum on a area 4 strikers, 6 mids, 5 def etc..

    Place all the formations in FUT

    Fix the bugs- chesting down crosses b4 i can clear?

    Better player instructions- when i want them to stay back and im defensive NO WAY i should be beaten on a thru ball. I mean stay back!!

    Keep same squad thru a whole season
    Change in chemistry- no idea how bit this is limited

    Online tourneys with parameters for people to sign up for

    Lastly, remove the skill move-shot-goal.. every one infront of goal goes in so lame
    tilen11 wrote: »
    I know the game wont be here for another 8 months but still.

    I would like them to:

    -Bring back tournaments
    -Make a bronze/silver seasons (would be fun)
    -Make some extra leagues (not Chinese as everybody would play with Ramires and Nilamr and I just dont want that :D)

    What would you want?

    Love the bronze silver seasons great idea.
  • Dannygfc
    30 posts Last Pick at the Park
    2 player offline & online skill games.
  • Nana_bitty
    1728 posts Play-Off Hero
    Squad contract cards like the fitness ones
  • maTTeOs_mAZzA
    3259 posts National Call-Up
    Nana_bitty wrote: »
    Squad contract cards like the fitness ones

    I've wanted this for a long while.
  • Buffson
    122 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    UT should rise up the bonus for each match
  • Chubbs
    14405 posts Has That Special Something
    A new game engine.
  • kamlai
    71 posts Park Captain
    Players are easily getting tired when using high pressure and ultra aggressive strategies.
    Now players are running around for the whole match.
  • kamlai
    71 posts Park Captain
    Disconnect from the side in front should cause no harm
  • urubuinflamante
    897 posts An Exciting Prospect
    New connection code for multiplayer/h2h.
  • TheBigCat
    54 posts Park Captain
    Competitive 2v2 or 3v3. Also fix the servers and all the random **** in the game ea...
  • Jaxite
    22372 posts Club Captain
    Would be cool if say every 100 games that you use a player for they get a unique colour to the card or something like that.
  • the_febo
    835 posts Semi-Pro
    Jaxite wrote: »
    Would be cool if say every 100 games that you use a player for they get a unique colour to the card or something like that.
    or a decent Colour Rim (like the Loan players) for the Top Goalscorer in your club.
    little things like that would be cool.
    or another Background if the Team is "no links wasted"
    1182 posts Professional
    Do people still think ea will give them what they want? When was the last time ea listened to the community...never.

    There's only one place fifa is going and that's down the toilet fact
  • GoalGiant
    1703 posts Play-Off Hero
    One thing I'd like to see is a similar to concept of manager tasks but harder and lasting throughout the game. These tasks would be harder but would have better rewards. Eg. Complete 50 sbc and get a 25k pack etc
  • Soly77
    574 posts An Exciting Prospect
    fix servers
  • HolgerBadstuber
    5212 posts Big Money Move
    A ban on premier league teams and removal of second man press
  • BeardedBerk
    1606 posts Play-Off Hero
    Fix gameplay and servers
  • cdbuck26
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    LoPo9 wrote: »
    Alex Hunter needs to have universal chemistry. He also needs to be good enough to play with. 90+ stamina and 80+ short passing if a mid, 80+ pace and 80 shooting if a ST, etc.

    Players have to get cheaper. This is ridiculous.

    Have a player accumulation max. Each user should only be able to buy 5 of each player card. This will limit price fixing and thus lower player cost. It's bs that a user can buy every single rare silver or legend or whatever and price fix.

    Just a couple for now

    YES!!!! All of those!! Also somebody said something about bronze/silver leagues and that is the next one that I want
  • The Ability to equip different squads with different kits instead of constantly changing them, been asking for 3 years!!!
  • Michaels33
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    No scripting.
  • JIO22
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    Michaels33 wrote: »
    No scripting.

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