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So I've recently started a new Career Mode with Morecambe the 1 star rated team in league two, after having completed a few up to 2031 this is a new challenge for me. To make it more difficult I can only get players by buying or loaning which means no Youth academy, no free agents, no pre-contracts etc and I've got to say I'm really enjoying it so far. At this stage I've just started the seventh season, If anyone is interested this is the team currently I think I've done well to say that I've got a low budget to work with :smile:

I'd like to do more like this, if anyone else can recommend any other teams or any other restrictions to keep it interesting that would be appreciated :smiley:


  • That's an impressive team. I just started my R2G with Crawley. They have the least expectations. A few questions for you
    How many of those players are regeneration?
    How long do you spend scouting?
    Which league are you in?
    Which trophies have you won?
    Does your budget/objectives change every season?
    Is there any point saving money for next season?
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    I play Morecambe too. How is it possible playing without youth when this is one of Morecambe's objctive to find and play young player?

    Which difficulty level do you play? And which type of control? Assisted/manual?

    My resctriction are never play commercial pre-season tournament, Legendary level only, full manual control.
    So I struggle to survive at about 20th place.

    Also I like to share my goals here:
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