Squad of Cards Stopped Functioning

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Not really sure what to do with this, a whole squad of my cards have stopped being functional even though I can still see them in my club I literally cannot do anything with, can't even add them to a new squad or move their positions let alone anything like trying to sell them! Every time I try to do something with any player that was in the doomed squad it brings up an error message saying that the item cannot be found, or it's out of sync with the server, this has been going on for over a week now!

I've tried deleting all of my squads and starting again but this hasn't helped, i've contacted EA and they were completely useless and done nothing! Does anyone know if there is a workaround or had any experiences like this?

I've got some cracking players that I now can't use! SBC Suarez, IF Aspas, Ramos, De Gea...

Really frustrating, i've spent endless amounts of time building my club up and now it's rendered pointless!


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