Anyone elses defenders do this?

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Whenever my opponent has a goal kick on the floor or out of the keepers hands and they lump it up to their strikers, why do my defenders stand like a yard off them so they cannot compete in the air! It doesn't happen on every goal kick but yesterday my CB just stood there and let the ST win the header and then went on to score which annoyed.

Happen to anyone else?


  • AkeySlake
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    Not sure it's exactly the same but the player switching has been so poor for me lately that not only can I not select the correct player...but I sometimes can't select ANY players. Switching issues may be playing a part by the sounds of it.
  • clsMUFC
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    I could be wrong but i think it could be something do do with what d-pad tactics you or your opponent are using i.e. balanced, attacking, defensive as these will effectively change your players positions on the pitch.
  • Banno89
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    I see, i just find it a bit strange as the balls in the air for a while after a goal kick yet my defender isnt even close to the ST to try and win the header, he just stands off and gives him a free header
  • ASH32
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    Yep I have this, another thing that happens in sluggish games, just like Giovinco outjumping my cb to score. Players love to ignore instructions too, although that did just help me win that kit when my IF Trippier who was set to stay back, scored the winner from inside my opponent's area.
  • DeanoZoff
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    My cbs do it every game... i spent 90% of my time on balanced. Happens with Cannavaro or Manolas . They dominate strikers in the air but every now and then just decide they cba
  • TheRealMadGamer
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  • Eurocelta83
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    Yeah it's really annoying. I don't know what causes it. The best is that they'll be a yard away from the player winning the header and will flail at the ball nowhere within reach and it'll take them a couple of seconds to recover. Usually causing the attacker to get a breakaway.
  • pittphan
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    this has been happening to me lately too were none of my players are moving to try to win headers!!
    Maybe it is because I have full manual switch and no player move assistance when switching... or maybe it is because my pressure is set to 50 (though I don't think that is it because I have always had it similar to that).... perhaps it is something EA did in the new update. Actually if you test this out you can kick a goal kick and settle it on your strikers chest much of the time.
  • Dannygfc
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    Happens about 50% of the time. More so from kick outs and clearances rather than goal kicks. On Goal kicks I'm always able to select the player contesting for the ball right away but for anything else it's like the computer has some process in order to choose who gets selected. By the time you select the player you want he's already a couple of yards away from the contest. Bloody annoying.
  • AliasMaurice
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    What you have noticed is the invisible sub game.

    People complain about scripting etc but it works for either team and is controlled by what is selected.

    Balanced with possession vs attacking and high pressing as an example. It's like playing rock paper scissors with someone only you can't see what they've done.

    Notice what goes on in game. Passing accuracy , marking correctly from goal kicks. All the variables but if they aren't going in your teams favour then change something. Not every 5 minutes but gauge how the game is panning out.

    Doesn't always work as you don't know what the opponent has selected
  • Byrnzie28
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    Yesterday I hit the switch button about ten times to try and switch to the only defender in a position to counter the attacker moving on my goal, and by the time it swithced to him, as opposed to everybody else on the pitch, it was too late and they scored.

    It's an absolute joke.
  • Byrnzie28
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