Players you dread seeing on the opposition team lineup



  • ChrisLFC
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    SBC Lacazette, TOTY Ronaldo, IF Kante, Diego Costa, De Gea, Boateng, Smalling
  • Libguy
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    Pronoob wrote: »
    SimmoEFC wrote: »

    My 85 Dybala last night -


    Is that even possible IRL? Does anybody get up that quick to finish that?
  • Runefang
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    MOTM Son by far.

    Last night I was 3-1 up and he was down to 10 men. Subbed on MOTM Son and I lose 6-4 thanks to a hattrick from Son.
  • coatsy
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    Luaku tbh. He's so strong.
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    Used to be Ronaldo. Recently tho, Ronaldo seems to be missing easiest chances.
    Although Musa isnt very good, I hate conceding against him since most players using him are d bags
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    I hate playing Lukaku because it usually means I am in for a game of my opponent using target man and shielding the entire time... I'd rather put tacks under my fingernails.
  • Dannygfc
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    Vardy and Musa. When I had Vardy, it felt like he always had a ball and chain attached to both legs. Tried IF Giroud, granted he ain't quick, he bosses 99% in the air. Started winning games again lol.
  • R9_Ronaldo
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    krakos000 wrote: »
    ADP, Smalling, Coutinho, Eriksen, Sterling, Coutinho, Otamendi, oh did I mention Coutinho?

    @R9_Ronaldo I'm sure you'd agree with a few of these :D

    haha, Coutinho and Eriksen are the scariest of the ones you mentioned :S
  • Cadey 5
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    Greizy always scores a cracker against me and his celebration makes him look so smug.
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