Fifa 18 Wishlist


  • THJ71
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    They will never fix the disastrous player switching and the Lag

    Also it is a joke how folk are able to put the controller down and go for a dump or a cigarette and the game still defends/plays for them, this needs removing but again, it won't
  • Rollin21h
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    Better career mode.
  • rsclaret
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    The option to turn off custom celebrations. It ruins the feel at times. AI teams to hit long balls and target weaknesses. To figure out a way to make world class and legendary difficulty harder but just as enjoyable as professional. To keep adding as many player animations as possible especially to the Goalkeepers. Eliminate this moody movie style night lighting once and for all.
  • kleiner540
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    Stadiums -- SC Braga the stadium is in the side of a mountain!! Hands down my favorite stadium in Europe although the Stadium Drago for Benfica would be a huge win. MLS Stadiums would be nice but i'm not sure if stupid corporate america would give FIFA rights for those.

    The ability to download a player even if they play for a club not currently licensed by FIFA. Specifically, Demba Ba I think he now plays out in China. He's a FIFA player but because he's on a team FIFA doesn't include in their game he is subsequently left out. I should be able to download him to Free Agents or some other newly created list.

    More customization options. They unoficially sunsetted Creation centre but never replaced it with anything. Meanwhile Pro Evo is just light years ahead of FIFA for custom options.

    A more "official" World Cup and also UEFA Eruos etc. If i'm playing a manager career and I chose to manage a club as well as international team, when it comes time to participate in these tournaments they shouldbe offically named and all decked out. I don't understand why when this game is licensed by FIFA is there not more FIFA owned content in vi Champions League, World Cup or things of that nature.

    I want in game commentary to be completely overhauled...think MLB The Show

    Indoor Mode -- How fun would an exhibition match indoors be? Do it right too. Indoor shoe selection from catalogue, loud heavy atmosphere, maybe a soundtrack played behind the game(think back to FIFA Street a little bit)

    OH and I almost forgot....flares!! I know they are very illegal BUT they do exist. And how big a deal would it be to light one in the stadium have alan smith or martin tyler comment on it then have them say security is addressing it or something then make it go away.

    Confetti and streamers on the field in south american matches.

    I've been asking for years...where is my medics, trainers and stretcher cut scenes!! The guy breaks his ankle and he limps off the field. Serious why even bother...

    The ability to modify beards etc in career mode. This might be a repeat but just more customizing options in all aspects of the game. It really does help with longevity if you guys could just bring back some form of creation centre.

    Career mode I should be able to choose the current club manager if possible. I love they included this option this year but again they half @$$ed it. If I play Manchester City Pep is there but if I try and manager no more Pep.

    In winter, use that processing power to visually show more players cold breathing

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  • Starkers1997
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    I'm not sure if this is possible but I think EA should incorporate a First Person Camera to really immerse yourself with a player's perspective of the beautiful game.

    I also agree that fonts and patches should change for each team depending on the competition that they are in (e.g. Relegated Premier League Teams instead get EFL Fonts and logos and those going the other way get Premier League Fonts and logos. And teams in the FA Cup should get FA Cup patches because EA have the FA Cup license.).

    I also like the idea of expanding interviews into Player Career Mode.

    In addition, goalkeeper kits need to be taken into account. Especially those for teams lower down the leagues (i.e. My local team, Grimsby Town). I feel that goalkeeper kits like these have a barebones kind of look and that they should be improved.

    But the one thing that did disappoint me with FIFA 17 is that The Journey only lasted for one season. When I say that, I am referring to the gameplay as opposed to the story elements. Games like NBA 2K16 actually had a story mode which panned into a career mode. I'd like to see something similar to this.
  • Should follow fifa 07 concept of manager mode. With the player choosing its choice of sponsors. With kits changing to sponsors of choice. Maybe like how madden is as well with changing of kits and combining them to switch up kits. And of course my personal favorite of simulating the games as manager and while midst of simming you can jump into mid game and take over. Youth players should have altered realistic faces. I believe 2k had that at one point I could be wrong
  • FallXFire
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    What I've wanted for a long time is to be able to watch games from the side lines in manager mode like you can in NBA games and some part of the journeys.
    Get to it !
  • Hi there!

    What I personally want is a threat of relegation from a bottom division...With teams coming up from the National League (for example in England). For example if I get Grimsby relegated I want to feel it (not just embarrassed for finishing 23rd/24th)...

    If I take over at another League 2 club, I don't want to see no sides relegated...Older FIFA games had this when it was just the EPL so why not now for League 2?

    I quite like FIFA 17 but there's always room for improvements.
  • rsclaret
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    AI teams need to be smarter in possession. Users should have to wait for the ball when playing against superior opponents, not lose by a set piece or rare counter when the users defenders inexplicably go walkabout.
    long balls from the more physical sides need adding. A lot more 1st touch error in light of driven pass mechanic.
    Goalkeepers either need rewriting or a hefty increase in animations. GK reactions at times are too fast and at other instances they select either the wrong animation, or simply don't have a suitable motion sequence to stop certain shots. (such as falling on their backsides at a soft close range header, or diving close to ground when a shots going in the top corner.)
    Set pieces, Im sure these will be more polished in '18. Corners are a lottery. There is often a kind of button delay combined with the sheer player numbers in the box that does not quite work. This often results in players either chesting the ball or the ball being cleared for corner after corner. Ive had situations where 4 repeat corners have occured, pretty much mirrors of each other.
    Crossing and meeting the cross. This wasnt an issue until Fifa 17. I understand that online maybe too many crosses were producing goals. The answer shouldnt have been to mess with lofted through balls or whipped crosses these were fine. It should have been to prevent the cross or prevent the striker either by tight marking or more pro active goalkeeping. On goalkeeping. Keepers tend to venture to the edge of their box on attacking and stand about 6-8 yards out when defending there box, in order to intercept a through ball. They stay unrealistically on the goal line most of the time in Fifa.
    The ball is too small in fifa 17. Fifa 14 had it right , the ball was larger and felt heavier.
    Lighting, It would be nice to see proper lighting. Its never been quite there in Fifa games. Daytimes fine apart from the goals (look like theyre monotone). overcast is to dull and lacks colour. snow also dull lacking colour. Night lighting needs brightening up an awful lot with more colour saturation.
    The colour palette is also off.
  • Good Gameplay
  • henryclay1844
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    Whatever line of code that makes the ball bend unnaturally to characters instead of going into space as it should; delete that.
  • I feel the game is good, but could be tweaked to be a bit better...
    More agile A.I. (Pro Clubs)
    Passing Accuracy
    Arena for Pro Clubs (Team Practice)
    Side Arena View (Can Practice w/ same orientation)
    More Pro Clubs Incentives (Ultimate Pro Clubs ???)

    These are just a few ideas, I feel like I should get a 'check' for dropping these ideas....Peace. Hope something comes of it.
  • better, deeper Career Mode !!!

    more customization, let us edit face/kits/stadiums and upload own files (offline)
  • bulldogubld
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    FIX GENERIC BOOTS FOR PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nikolapfc89
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    Well, most wanted thing i guess is stadiums. I would like to see all Bundesliga and Championship stadiums most and also big 4 Portugal stadiums are needed.

    Ok now little more realistic wishes:

    - custom goalnet (so we can choose net colour and design)
    - custom audio (its boring to play with some passionate teams which have good atmosphere like Rapid Wien, Poland teams, Basel, UEFA teams etc...if FIFA cant do chants for many of them, custom audio is best solution)
    - creation centre (most needed thing from old FIFAs)
    - adboards (when you play Tournament mode you can see some leagues have own ads like bundesliga, serie a etc and it would be good so when you play Kick off Exhibition match between same League teams example Bayern-Dortmund you can see those addons from tournament, not just annoying and boring generic adboards)
    - match day (could be back that good mod, so we can play just relaxing kick off match, just like NBA2k17 have nba today mod, you have list of all matches from that day, so you could play simulation of matches from that day)
  • LuisGarcia
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    Well, most wanted thing i guess is stadiums.

    Nope, its starheads. They need to scan another league.
  • nyx88
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    It's starheads and stadiums wich leads us to PRESENTATION, REALISM or call it however you want. Generic players and generic stadiums are a real problem of Fifa.
  • 1. Finally remove First touch control, the worst thing in gameplay ever.
    2. Significantly EDIT CAREER MODE: more transfers between clubs; higher scores of the other matches so the goal difference could be real (for example, after round 23 in Premiership Liverpool, Chelsea and M. City has scored less than 28 goals, etc...); enable to change the club before start of the new season.
    3. Finally add a watch for the added time.
    4. Extra-time (2x15 min.) in pre-season tournament matches (semi final and final)

  • I think ea should introduce leagues like southern premier league and non league teams because I support a non league team called Merthyr town fc I would love to play with them on career mode
  • Pro Club :

    What is really needed is better matchmaking. From 9:30pm-2am or so Pacific US West time there are hardly any teams online so we end up challenging for a friendly to the up to 3 teams that show online. And if they are far away the lag is terrible and we don't know until we are in game. Unfortunely NA West server has hardly any teams on at this time so we play on Western Europe and British Isles mostly.

    A computer bot team that is always available to challenge would help alot! Sometimes we can't even find a friendly for 45 minutes-hour and would be nice to at least play a computer bot team to kill the boredom!
    A full team practice arena to practice with your teammates would be awesome as well!
  • Dannygfc
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    BRISTOL86 wrote: »
    An adults only version for people who want to get away from dabbing, shushing, and anyone who bases their life decisions on what a YouTuber tells them to do.

    Hahaha AMEN!!
  • compostredeye
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    Just bring back online teamplay EA ffs! We want 11v11 again and get rid of pro clubs.
  • BRISTOL86 wrote: »
    An adults only version for people who want to get away from dabbing, shushing, and anyone who bases their life decisions on what a YouTuber tells them to do.

    I get annoyed by what you say, but this is a very high and mighty attitude. FIFA is meant for kids of all ages, from 6 to 60. This is the equivalent of the Dortmund supporters that get mad at RB and say that football is for the fans, yet they go and attack fans of RB
  • BistroXII
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    malagacity wrote: »
    BRISTOL86 wrote: »
    An adults only version for people who want to get away from dabbing, shushing, and anyone who bases their life decisions on what a YouTuber tells them to do.

    I get annoyed by what you say, but this is a very high and mighty attitude. FIFA is meant for kids of all ages, from 6 to 60. This is the equivalent of the Dortmund supporters that get mad at RB and say that football is for the fans, yet they go and attack fans of RB

  • SACanuckinOz
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    I want the artificial destruction of older players to stop! As soon as a player reaches 30, their stats take a disastrous turn for the worst, and they lose all their abilities within a year or so.

    Clearly this is in NO WAY a reflection of the current state of football/soccer played out in the real world. Players like Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, etc. clearly demonstrate players are frequently only reaching their peak in their early thirties, and the game should reflect that.

    Who wants to play up to 15 seasons, but almost exclusively with computer generated players after the first few seasons??

    Junk must stop
  • SACanuckinOz
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    Also, i would like to see squad training introduced in stead of only individual player training. This probably pertains mostly to career mode. I don't play FUT, so wouldn't know if it applies there as well.

    Who ever heard of a club that only trains 5 players per week?? I'd like to have a training session per position (i.e. tackling for defenders, chance creation for strikers, passing for midfielders, corner delivery for free kick specialists, etc.)
  • Renkos
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    I would like to see 3rd French, German, Italian and Spain league rather than Chine or South Korea league.
  • MonTheGers
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    player switching needs badly fixed

    gary neville instead of smith or a choice

    shadows in stadiums need fixing still

    mutual quit option by pausing game in first few mins for bad connection matches with no penalty to either player or loss of a match. if a goal is scored then option becomes unavailable.

    tone down injuries in offline fut

    more national stadiums would be nice and/or a create a stadium option possibly for offline and online

    more passing and first touch errors by ai in offline fut for better realism

    ai teams have different play styles and not all be possession football teams that basically waste time

    corners need addressed

    players starting to make runs then stop for no reason needs fixed

    ai shielding needs massively toned down not every player in the world is a unrealistic brick wall

    players being locked in animations and being unable to defend a quick free kick

    some sort of fixed price market no crashes etc the game is about playing football not watching market prices players shouldn't be losing hard earned coins on something that is outwith their control.

    honestly just remove chemistry altogether or have a ten or fifteen game settling in period.. let everyone truly have their 'ultimate team' we already play the same teams over n over so what difference does it make now.

    just me chucking in my two cents of what i would like to see.
  • iamthebest
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    one match engine from start till end without patches.
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