Fix your button-lag servers EA! Your game is beyond unplayable

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Played 10 games in WL. Each of them was an unplayable mess.

Ridiculous button-delay, horrible first-touch, can't pass, sprint, shoot, tackle etc.
Shielding doesn't work, LT+RT Dribbling neither, even simple fake shots go terribly wrong.

Boateng gets outmuscled by 170cm attackers, Lewandowski's shooting (96 finishing) will mostly result in a slow-motion back-pass to the goalkeeper, whereas (shortly pressed) through-balls are frequently becoming fierce shots going nowhere.

Menu is extremely sluggish as well. I'm even struggling to double-tap the xbox home button to get into socials. Only one tap registers, which obviously results in dashboarding.

How this potentially great game mode can be promoted as "competitive" , where one player gets a favored server-connection and can dominate the other player with little to no effort, is beyond me


  • KaverHansen
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    Button lag ruins alot of fun
  • FaFiFa
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    All these things happen in seasons too.seasons supposed to be p2p.
  • ElBarco
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    This has been the worst weekend I've had for input delay. For some reason my gks cant save anything either. Had a few games where my GK makes no saves ( from anywhere, not just 'good chances' and their gk is superman. Feels like the game's against me this weekend
  • ic3man
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    FaFiFa wrote: »
    All these things happen in seasons too.seasons supposed to be p2p.

    I know. For me it's even happening in games vs. cpu
  • Kingy
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    It's disgraceful tbh.
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    Yep. Gave up after 10 games.
  • ColeWorld
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    edited February 2017
    Was 13-0 before today. Haven't finished a single game yet. 8 games with 2 DCs and in the other I quit after 5 minutes
  • Retro_G
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    It's really bad this weekend with all the SBC's, your opponent is more than likely also suffering with input lag. You can tell when they start slide tackling all overy the pitch. ;)
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