French SBC

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What would it cost to do this league?

Is he worth doing Lacazette, I prob have minimum cards for that league.



  • Pranav
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    300k i reckon if u dont have any cards at all
  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    I did wish I could have my coins back. It's a great card and plays really well. I just don't use him enough to justify the amount it cost. If you're going to use him a lot then it's worth it.
  • PsychosisTime
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    Best striker in the game outside of ibra and Ronaldo I'd say. Pace, power and finishing.
  • Choepiechakie
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    Why would you do the Sbc when there is a Lacazette out with the same rating?
  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    Why would you do the Sbc when there is a Lacazette out with the same rating?

    200k + cheaper
  • TestEagles
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    + 20 packs to make it a bit fun

    SBC Laca is incredible, I use him in front of Ben Arfa and it's like watching a circus with a happy ending
  • Gparke1
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    Hmm 200-300k is a lot would have to change a few players in my team to fit him in might a fiddle later, thanks for the input guys
  • AlnapaDiggler
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    He has been well worth it for me.
  • smash_up
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    just do all the MMs and other SBCs that come through, do a few bronze upgrades and maybe silver upgrades and you will halve the cost. The toulouse defenders go for 30k. I managed to get 1 through the bronze upgrades which saved me 30k plus i got a load of others. no need to do it all now, stock up and wait until you have 6-7 from a club then buy the rest and the pack you get from it will give you more players.
  • Mysticetus
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    I've been slowly plugging away at it since I got the game in November, the cost doesn't seem so bad if you spread it out a bit. Only got two players left at ASNL and then six from Toulouse so gonna have to splash some coins soon.

    He will fit perfectly into my team though so worth it.

    Try and avoid buying the fullbacks if you can, they tend to be the most expensive and since everyone will have strong links you can get away with CBs at the fullback positions without losing any chem. In some cases the CBs are just as pricy though so you just gotta suck it up.
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