Suddenly, my players dont know how to play

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Won division 2 title no problem. On div 1, got relegated by winning only 1 game out of like 7 games, now im on division 2 and only won 1 put of 5. My players dont make runs, no interceptions, players with 85+ passing not doing 1 good pass on the whole game, players cant shield the ball(whenever i try to shield, always get tackled from the back and lose it, whereas my opponent does it and their players are a brick walll) and my opponent teams play like 11 legends every time, they seem like perfect teams everytime.

Can someone tell me what do they do to make players do runs? I hold the ball waiting for them, use the L1 button to make them do runs but peoples Kante with M/H do way more bettter runs than my strikers.
Also, how do i do interceptions? My players always extend their legs but the ball goes in between thewir legs
And how do i shield the ball perfectly? Always get tackled from behind making my players look like they dont exist while my opponent is a brick wall every time


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