What's your goalscoring etiquette?


  • KaterNL
    760 posts Semi-Pro
    I dab a lot :D
  • Sercs
    22559 posts Club Captain
    hold A, whatever their default one is
  • freddyyow
    2504 posts Fans' Favourite
    skip everything as fast as I can to get back to the kickoff.

    I usually use LT+RT+A as the goalscorer then thanks the person who provided the assist.
  • EBaietto
    1031 posts Professional
    Do the LeBron or the spinning on the ground celebration.

    If you score a late go ahead, the Lebron is a must.
  • Bluebirds87
    691 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I always watch replays not the whole think where we walk back the the centre but I'll watch the goal and then skip!

    Don't see an issue with that! Quite happy to watch opponents goals aswell so I can pick someone to blame in my team instead of myself
  • HolgerBadstuber
    5212 posts Big Money Move
    Can't remember anyone not doing a long celebration and full replays, so it's the dab and replays every time for me.
  • Ulook92
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    edited January 2017
    Men skip celebrations and replays. Boys run half the pitch, dab and watch all the replays.

    If they're a c*nt with their celebrations and replays I will be a c*nt back...
  • ORANGEeffect05
    27427 posts Player of the Year
    Generally do a quick salute, but have been known to dab or dead fish depending on opponent :innocent:
  • DeanoZoff
    4928 posts Big Money Move
    If opponent parks the bus, shhh then dabs, watches all replays, shields in corners etc. then I counter with shhhh into the centre circle and dead fish flop, then watch the replay (regardless of quality of goal) and the cinematic bit after.

    If opponent is a sport, knee slide, cartwheels or grab ball, watch replay if its a beauty (if not then skip), skip cinematic stuff.

    The shhh dabbers seem to be awful at holding onto leads.
  • yogi
    266 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited January 2017
    Only watch replays of great goals, never dab unless its Pogbas default animation, but when I encounter the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that does this, I usually do the hand to the ear celebration. The Dab from aaanyone bar Pogba gives me so.much.motivation you wouldnt believe it. Rarely lose against those tho, so theyll get the ear eventually.
    DeanoZoff wrote: »
    The shhh dabbers seem to be awful at holding onto leads.
    You said it.
  • therealmerk33
    1749 posts Play-Off Hero
    Long shots get a little flick of the wrist, kids playing like a **** get shushed and all replays, guys that give me stupid goals by ground passing out of their box or the such get planked, other goals get point to sky and a tebow celebration thanking the ea gods for allowing me to score said goal
  • Diggy
    16208 posts World Class
    I do "the old man" cause that's what I am
  • Jake
    14424 posts Has That Special Something
    Shush then dab or shush then run to the camera
  • yogi
    266 posts Sunday League Hero
    Jake wrote: »
    Shush then dab or shush then run to the camera

  • murazor
    7860 posts League Winner
    I skip everytime no matter how or when I score and no matter if my opponents was a douche. I get never triggered by my opponents playstyle or celebrations. The only things that make me rage are EA BS. I dont feel I have to show my frustrations to my opponents.
  • Solomace
    460 posts Sunday League Hero
    If I score first I just A,A through. No time for celebrations. If they score and dab me and then show replays, players face and let it all run through, I just hold on kickoff until it's done automatically and then when I score I do the same and dab and let things go on automatically. No need for it, but I hate dabs and I hate it when they let everything run through.

    Should be an option for no replays or celebrations to switch it off and on.

  • Kloral
    4370 posts National Call-Up
    Skip unless it's a great goal. If he has been an idiot in the game I'll run to half way line and do the big man, reading my phone whilst they finish it and reply.

    Fire with fire my friends.
  • verdolaga
    2260 posts Fans' Favourite
    Whoman wrote: »
    Tap A, Tap A. Just move on, it´s a video game and not the World Cup.

  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
    16674 posts World Class
    edited January 2017
    I skip most unless it's a nice goal then I casually jog up to the corner flag and kick it however if I get dabbed on then I jog to the corner flag everytime I score. :D
  • AnDrEwThEdOn
    17270 posts World Class
    Depends if they have dabbed already or not
  • Izzy2K17
    14036 posts Has That Special Something
    edited January 2017
    Shane wrote: »
    I skip quickly unless my opponent was watching replays/celebrating/wasting time earlier in the match

    This. Also the only other time I'll do a "bigger" celebration is if it's a late game winner/equalizer which is usually running to the flag, announcement boards, or camera
  • Invincibility
    4814 posts National Call-Up
    When I face a full legend/TOTY squad I play it all out let them feel the pain 7chem Martial just did to them :D

    1. Celebration/Run to pitch camera
    2. Full slomo replay
    3. Card and name on screen

    Sometimes it backfires.. they pause the game going kamikaze all atack but mostly a rage quit :s
  • DobbyDooDah
    5710 posts Big Money Move
    These players get their defaults:

    Griezmann - hotline bling
    Pogba - dab
    Ronaldo - jump and turn to stance

    Replays are watched if I need a drink or it was awesome.

    Replays are skipped if it's a boring one or I'm still behind and need to keep the game flowing.

    Excessive celebration and replays if opponent is a nob. I scored a 90th with Martial in weekend league after the guy messaged me at half time with a load of abuse. I ran to the advertising boards and he did the celebration where he stands on and then falls off them into the arms of a load of team mates.
  • RWU
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    Dab is for gay or half man
    In the camera is for half girl gay
  • xGrumpyWolfx
    3423 posts National Call-Up
    Not gonna lie, i usually do the 2 celebrations the OP mentioned :D
    Only do it to try and get in my opponents head and get them angry, people play worse when they're flustered!
    If it's a good close game against someone who isn't a sweaty ❤️❤️❤️❤️ then I won't dab though!
  • RWU
    2978 posts National Call-Up
    RWU wrote: »
    Dab is for gay or half man
    In the camera is for half girl gay

  • xGrumpyWolfx
    3423 posts National Call-Up
    edited January 2017
    RWU wrote: »
    RWU wrote: »
    Dab is for gay or half man
    In the camera is for half girl gay


    Ouch, my e-feelings have been hurt.
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  • Oliver Powell
    3738 posts National Call-Up
    press a and skip all replays, no matter what the goal.
  • Rootseyyy
    1288 posts Professional
    Why don't I ever get to play any of you guys. I just get contact dabbers.
  • Solomace
    460 posts Sunday League Hero
    Rootseyyy wrote: »
    Why don't I ever get to play any of you guys. I just get contact dabbers.

    Just played 3 players who all scored first and dabbed and replays. I just let the game drag and don't press A for anything, corners, throw ins, half times. They got the message because 2 of them scored again but no dab and I then proceed to press a and speed the game up. Won 2 and lost 1 and the games maybe longer but hey, I hate dabbers.

    Is it babyish, yep, but it's one of my ways of getting the dabbers back.
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