TOTS Pack Experiment

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So I'm going to be doing a TOTS pack opening experiment. I will be opening bronze packs to see how easy or hard it is to pull a bronze TOTS card.

I'm a collector of bronze IF and Special cards and currently have every one. I have opened countless bronze packs only ever packing 2 IFs and 1 Hero card. I have had so much luck with gold packs e.g. TOTY Robben, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Lahm, Silva and SMOTM Suarez to name the pulls I can remember off the top of my head but for some reason bronze cards just seem so much harder to pull.

So I'm doing a 1 Million coin pack opening from the money I have from selling pretty much my whole club.

For people interested in the maths...

Average discard price is 200-300 so a 250 average
250*666= 166,500 ~~ 166,500/1500=111
111*250=22,750 ~~ 27,500/1500=18.5
18.5*250=4625 ~~ 4625/1500=3.08

666.6+111+18.5+3= 799 Packs
I also have 90 free packs and adding the random coins you get in packs I'm going to say a total of
840-890 1,500k Packs

I'll be updating my progress and card pulls as I go on.
Good Luck in your TOTS pack openings :)

Also If you guys get hold of any bronze TOTS players please hold on to them for me <3
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