Guaranteed Tradeable InForm Pack Luck - What did you get?

After completing 20 x SBC's for Guaranteed Untradeable TOTW Players over the 2 spells that the Challenge has been Active I ended up with just 2 Players I elected to keep (86 Kane & 86 Thiago).

With the remaining 18 Untradeable TOTW Players, I built yet another squad for each Pair and this gave me 9 x Tradeable Guaranteed Informs Packs to open any time that I wanted.

As the majority of this weeks Gold TOTW Players are from the Premier League, I decided this would be the best time to open them all (as BPL Informs usually have more value than other Leagues due to popularity and Player of the Month SBC's)

Here are the Results from my 9 x Tradeable Guaranteed Informs Packs:
4 x 81 Trippier (Spurs)
3 x 81 Castro (Perth Glory)
1 x 81 Scott Sinclair (Celtic)
1 x 83 Dele Alli (Spurs)

Total current Market Value = Around 177k on XBOX One.

As you can see my Pack luck has been abysmal, giving me an estimated loss of around 700k on the UnTradeable/Tradeable InForm SBC's. Never Again, lol.

How has your Pack Luck been?


  • PelzyWelzy
    10626 posts Has That Special Something
    Last couple of weeks has been so bad I can't even bring myself to talk about it :joy:
  • Keepthechange
    1667 posts Play-Off Hero
    I only did it once and got an 81 rated striker, never doing it again.
  • I SiR MartY I
    14198 posts Has That Special Something
    IF Kameni first time during BF, 90 Pogba the second time for the SBC packs.

    My pack luck this year has actually been good overall which is shocking. Two legends, 4 IFs (not including Pogba and Kameni) and about 500k worth of 80-85 rated players.

    Not sure what I've done to deserve this luck but ill take it :D
  • RWU
    2978 posts National Call-Up
    I did 4x and got 4 discards ... unknown GK.. complete waste of my players
  • truegunn3r
    13025 posts World Class
    You fell in the trap and even though you know it you will choose to do it again. Shame!
  • Did a high amount, nothing too insane and got untradable Yaya, icardi, Thiago and Reid. Really wanted David Luiz but didn't happen!
  • 47goonz
    892 posts Semi-Pro
    Done about 5 or 6 and were all discard. Strictly refusing any form of totw/toty SBC's this week. Honestly never again, not even tempted.
  • Cheeksty
    687 posts Semi-Pro
    I got lacazzete from my first attempt
  • Y6N0W3A
    53 posts Park Captain
    I got back-to-back IF Brandt. I wont dare do a third...
  • Maxc16
    138 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    TIF icardi and stopped after that
  • zOFsky
    152 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I only stack up 8 of tradeble packs (cost me 400k) and packed Lukaku. Made around 400k profit (got 3x Alli, Gray, Castro, Sinclair and Schmeichel too)
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