What's up with the market?

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What's with all these players being so expensive lately? Especially EPL, no silvers under 1k... golds very few under 700, and similar results to other leagues, futmas sbc hype? Or am i missing out on something here?


  • YouWantUsFC
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    Lots of people have just got the game, others are buying players as 'investments' for various anticipated SBCs.
    Believe it or not, if you are looking for certain players, they are cheaper than they have been right now, because EA just flooded the market with discard priced golds earlier today :)
  • Dami_076
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    because of mystery pack sbc's
  • suraj_1
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    Who should I invest in (I have invested in a few 84 and 83's)
  • kingkenny1997
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    Wow im surprised its taken that much of an impact
  • wtrott11
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    because there are few people who still play on old gen I moved to Xbone and it's much better.
  • kingkenny1997
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    Well now its gonna get even more crazy, at least packs are more worth it.
  • mikeman
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    it has slightly gone down... 4 weeks ago, you can only find a handful of gold players less than 750 coins, but know you can find much, much more gold players under that same range
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