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4-1-4-1 formation. Reviews?

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edited December 2016
Im trying to go out of my comfort zone and try something else. Was thinking of that formation. Build myself this team. Would these players work in a 4-1-4-1? Thanks for any replies!



  • I am using 4141 as my main formation and i have a few suggestions for this team.
    Gonalons imo is not that good in that spot, becouse you will lack in attack i would suggest Ben Arfa, you could try Boudebouz too. Cavani imo is too slow for that spot. I would suggest Lacazette he looks perfect for me. Defence looks solid wingers look good too.
    Let me know how it works out for you.
  • Kip2MyLou
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    And trapp is woeful.
  • Satch85
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    I think it looks nice and balanced in midfield, maybe ruffier over trapp or costil
  • BlitzersNL
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    Great formation.
  • Liam W
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    I have literally NEVER in maybe 200 games played a guy using 4-1-4-1. That says to me, it's probably not very effective. It must be so easy to high pressure because the striker would be so isolated.
  • Shevaelite
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    I was going to use this but then I realised its too defensive.

    Formations like that seem good in theory. You think you can dominate possesion and be really solid. But realistically, youll struggle to hold possesion because your striker will be isolated and youll have to play too many passes to get the ball up the pitch. A decent player will nick it off you, bypass the midfield and once you concede you are struggling to put pressue on because your striker is isolated.

    Only really good if you want to be super defensive all game
  • Shevaelite
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    And get Kryowiak off. One of the worst players Ive used. Cost me countless games. I kept trying to persevere but he kept playing awful. Even if you bring him on late to calm things down he still ends up costing you a goal. Get in Joao Moutinho or Diarra

    And Ruffier for Trapp.

    LM I prefer Ntep to Jese too. Matuidi is excellent if you can afford him.
  • Jmoz16
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    I have been using it in the WL normally finish Elite 3 - Gold 2. Solid defensively and if you pass it well and try not to rush the ball forward you can easily dominate.

    Striker does get isolated at times, especially when you're on the counter but as long as you know to to shield properly it's not really a problem.

    Centre mids who can finish is a must. They'll make clever runs into the box with the right set up
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