Being outpaced

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Can anyone give me some advice on how to stop being outpaced in pretty much every online game i play. Whatever type of team i play with i am outpaced by slower players which is making it very difficult to win. Is it to do with internet connection or something like that. In the last match i played Eto'o was racing past my defence yet i couldnt get past the defence. The same happens with high rated or low rated teams. Any help would be much appreciated


  • Diggy
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    Sounds like lag to me
  • ZeFeZ
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    Might be lag, but sometimes there are those games you know....
  • Sgt. Pepper
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    if your opponent is sprinting straight at you, like most kids who don't understand how to play, then run the offside trap tactic and sit with a balanced or low defensive tactic, hit them on the counter when they lose the ball due to their finger being glued to the sprint trigger. also containing and calling for a second defender helps.
  • Lawfulmaxhavoc
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    ZeFeZ wrote: »
    Might be lag, but sometimes there are those games you know....

    I totally agree, I'm running on 100+mbps and sometimes Robben gets chased down by Mertesacker

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