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Which SBC do you regret doing the most?


  • Paciga45
    3771 posts National Call-Up
    Wish I ended up doing Payet
  • Ryno
    6489 posts Big Money Move
    Sterling and Son. Don't like or use either
  • jdros
    2655 posts Fans' Favourite
    Black Friday tradeables are the only ones I regret doing. I've made coins on most of them, been able to use untradeables, and enjoy using the players I got.

    I didn't have enough coins to justify doing the Payet at the time...wish I had as I would have definitely used him.
  • Kieren1888
    1715 posts Play-Off Hero
    Ive only done Son and Gasper, Son is amazing but mario gasper is ****, spent about 70k on it aswell.
  • MikeyP_FC
    13602 posts Has That Special Something
    Done Jensen Son Sterling and Barry

    Use Son and Sterling in fitness, Jensen super sub, but rarely use Barry. Think he was cheap. I've never regretted doing him
  • uhMaZiiNq
    11824 posts Has That Special Something
    Son only costed me 35k and I got 60k+ back from the packs so can't really regret that. Did hazard for about 370k and took the risk with the packs since I'm sure if I got nothing I would regret it even if he's good, ended up getting some great pulls and making like 200k back so 170k for essentially a sif hazard with a nice looking card don't care that it's locked with me for that price I can't really regret it at all.
  • Olleman
    13326 posts Has That Special Something
    Sterling I guess? Not terrible but if I had to pick one that would be it.

  • Thefranchise92
    4121 posts National Call-Up
    I only did the son one because I knew the chances of him getting any 9ther potm or inform would be slim. Plus all the others are under 6 foot and I don't like small forwards. Hazard will get other informs and potm and TOTY /tots . So will lacazette, maybe not payet, giovinco will do etc. Son is amazing by the way. I grew into him now hes a super sub or destroyer left forward
  • Hibee
    12334 posts Has That Special Something
    LeonidasJB wrote: »
    Hibee wrote: »
    The IF ones on Black Friday. Wasted a lot of high rated untradable players I had trying to get a decent IF. Ended up with Gonalons, Defoe, Suso and Kameni who I will likely never use.

    Defoe and Suso are really good.

    Yeah they just don't really fit into my teams. I do have an untradable PL team actually which I have put Defoe in but I hardly ever use it as I find PL pretty boring.
  • Torres4Lif3
    6657 posts Big Money Move
  • SupaNoodle1990
    26250 posts Player of the Year
    Son mainly. Costa is getting on my t!ts aswell. Fed up of forcing him into my teams now.
  • Gale420
    3991 posts National Call-Up
    Son. I've used him a whopping 3 times :joy: with the packs he only cost me 20k so can't complain to much.
  • Retodd33
    351 posts Sunday League Hero
    Most of them to be honest. Restricts your squad choices so much. Feel like al my squads need to have hazard in now, plus forcing laca in means I use payet... gio is rubbish to hybrid too.

    Much rather have the coins to get a Ronny for instance.
  • XxXlild3vilxXx
    146 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Regret doing Son and Jonas. I was playing with wingers when I got son but preferred a narrow formation and Jonas I didn't even want but was enjoying the SBC novelty phase when I got him. Giovinco I definitely don't regret he's been awesome and can squeeze into a Serie A squad with no chem problems.

    I hope they do an SBC where you can trade "Special" untradeable players for a decent prize. I still use Jonas now and again but Son seems such a waste just sitting there in my club doing nothing, even if I could just give him away to my son (excuse the pun) I'd be happy!!!
  • mjs4p
    11095 posts Has That Special Something

    I'm yet to pack much of anything though, and I've done most of them. David Silva has been my best from a SBC pack.
  • BeSoMessi0010
    119 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Fully regret doing the Liga Nos SBC
  • UglyNBedford
    264 posts Sunday League Hero
    Son only cost like 40k to complete if I remember correctly. 40k is pocket change. how can anyone regret doing that.
  • Bennym
    45 posts Park Captain
    Son all the way
  • PapaQuibs
    220 posts Sunday League Hero
    @Gil3000Doe really? I love the SBC Barry u should use him in a squad imo better than Matic
  • DaveSaves
    20137 posts Club Captain
    Regret Costa.

    Regret not doing Payet.
  • CornishLad
    23944 posts Club Captain
    I regret not doing payet

  • CornishLad
    23944 posts Club Captain
    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    Barry, he's **** and doesn't even make my reserves :lol:


    Oh dear :joy:
  • RWU
    2978 posts National Call-Up
    Barry - didn't even make it to the bench

    Son is good
  • ChrisLFC
    7246 posts Big Money Move
    I've only done Jensen and Son and I don't really regret either. They cost me 50k combined which isn't much of a hit to my coins.

  • CPFC16
    2106 posts Fans' Favourite
    I regret all the prem ones I've done, Sterling, Son and Hazard. I don't even like using the prem in this game, why I done them is beyond me. Gio and Jonas nice to have though. The most irritating thing about untradeables is they're always there and I almost feel guilty not putting them in my teams. But the worst of all is Son. * Son.
  • Martythedoc
    2512 posts Fans' Favourite
    All of them, never got a great pull from any. Yet I keep doing new ones out of hope. But it lets me down for example just did the fa cup one. 4 players , 4 goal keepers. K.Navas best pull at 6k
  • BleedBlue
    227 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Did Jonas, Sterling, Hazard. Regret none.

    Regret not doing Costa.

    Hazard is the best player I've used including Legends, use Him at Striker though.
  • RandomLhama83
    10098 posts Has That Special Something
    Black Friday TOTW. It cost me 70k coins to do. And I got like 14k back from the cheap inform they gave me. smh ea. SBCs are suppose to be a good thing, so we thought?
  • krakos000
    17545 posts World Class
    SimmoEFC wrote: »
    Peter wrote: »
    Barry, rarely going to use him
    Barry is class tbh

  • AnDrEwThEdOn
    17266 posts World Class
    Only done Son and Jonas and i love both. Especially Jonas.
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