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chem styles for these players?

7050 posts League Winner
Perisic sif salah higuain hamsik de rossi if bonventura Candreva?


  • Viggo 007
    12248 posts Has That Special Something
    Hunter and Shadow on De Rossi
  • Stkyfngz
    4847 posts National Call-Up
    Hawk or Hunter on the attackers
  • Jmoz16
    50 posts Park Captain
    Perisic - sniper
    Salah - deadeye (doesn't need anymore pace or dribbling)
    Higuain - hawk
    Hamsik - engine (was brilliant on the ball for me)
    De rossi - backbone
    Bona - maestro
    Candreva - catalyst
  • DtGodmage22
    7050 posts League Winner
    I have hunter on perisic and higuain and candreva

    Shadow on de rossi that marking is low with out it and his just better with it i used alot on him

    Hamsik i havent found the right card for him i love him hate that stamina tho

    Bonventur i put senitnel on him

    Just trying to get the best or better ideas
  • BestPlayerUzbekistan
    130 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Always hunter on attackers, catalyst on mids and always shadow on def.
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