Player Career Mode Issue - Accomplishments

Wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if it is just me?

Accomplishments are not registering in Player Career Mode, specifically all accomplishments relating to winning jumping headers. This issue is consistent across all positions, pre and post updates, saves and profiles.
Eg: Win 20 Jumping Headers 0/20, Head the ball out of your box 20 times 0/20.

It affects Jumping (approx +10) and Heading attribute increases the most, so for example a created player who is a central defender or a target man will permanently have approx 20 uncompleted accomplishments of this type.

I'm in my 4th season in one career and past the 1st season in several others, all with this problem. My created player definately has won jumping headers (for example 4th season ST has 18 headed goals), and in the 'post match player performance summary' it indicates in the bottom right that my player has won jumping headers that have registered in that game.

Does anyone use the player career mode, and if so, could you please check your accomplishments related to jumping and heading and let me know if this is an across the board issue?



  • I also have exactly the same problem. Anyone else?
  • romano
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    i also have that poblem
  • Yeah, happend for the 4th time with new players each. Just for me its crossing past 100/100 It stopped improving, getting the achivement done but looking at the character stat it hasnt changed.

    Tried repair and tried reinstall.

    Got to admit. This version might be the one that finally cured me of my fifa addiction. :/
  • 10th4r
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    I have both of these problems with multiple career mode pros. Various header achievement counters are stuck at zero which nerfs almost all of the potential Heading Accuracy improvements, and completed achievements that grant you an increase in Crossing stat are never applied to the Crossing stat. I've ended up with two pros who reached 96 rating overall - but were still suffering with Crossing = 56 and Header Accuracy = 48. (As a result they couldn't quite make it to 75 Shooting achievements, so they never got the Power Free Kick trait either.)

    This really detracts from enjoyment of career mode :-(
  • Incredible that such a devastating bug has survived this long without anything being done about it.

    Have some friends who where considering getting Fifa 17 today. So had to tell them about this and they decided to leave it alone for now. Maybe if more people did this, it would motivate EA to put alittle effort in a patch to fix this.
  • My header accomplishments are currently stuck at zero. I am playing FIFA is this possible?
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