why is IF 86 Sokratis so cheap

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david luiz is over 150k and has poor work rates plus Sokratis has links to boatang and the bundes league


  • leon_
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    Because the Premier is more popular and he's brazillian so easy links.

    Suply and demand.
  • Quite simply he is Greek difficult to hybrid and doesn't have the hype of said David Luiz
  • Would you play Sokratis with Boateng or Manolas?
  • Swarch
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    also not same chance at packs i've seen 90 sokratis get packed and maybe 5 -10 luiz
  • He is amazing though got him paired with boateng
    Name a better combation ?
  • Furrag85
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    Boateng for the link to Neuer will give you the option for more versatile formations.

    Choose Manolas, and you'll be needing a legend keeper (for anyone decent), unless you play 3-5-2 / 5-3-2, in which case (for EG 352):

    Schurrle____Castro____Naingolan___Serie A RM
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