I think this will be my last fifa until there's real dedicated servers anyone feel the same thread ?

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I don't like how people can just play fifa on a laggy connection get used to playing in that level of lag every game and develop a style that works in it.

I just despair sometimes, currently 160 down 11 up 0 ms jitter low ping my last 4 opponents all british kids (I am from london) 3 green bars kit swap okay, game starts and there's the good ole stutter and lag and 3 second button delay.

Needless to say each of my opponents had the exact same formation and playstyle sterling and walcott speed dribbles down the wing over and over and over my standing tackles or reads don't even register in game and I lose all 4 games imo to what I'd call lag cheating.

I am seeing a pattern that a lot of fellow brits the young ones are either playing on laggy connections and or lag cheating, I rarely face this issue from europeans or east coast americans it's the british kids that all lag like this.

I just don't experience this level of lag vs anyone else it's always some british kid with team name beast fc or class on grass inter your nan etc.


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