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What is the secret to Div 2?

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So for the second time, I've been promoted to Div 2, after winning Div 3 rather easily.
The first time I got into div 2, I lost 7 games straight, probably only scoring 3 or 4 but conceding several each game. I put it down to a bad run.

After getting back into Div 2, I've noticed a few differences:

1) The opposition never misses a tackle - not even when trying to grapple and it going for a standing tackle instead.
2) The teams are generally worse, lower rated. Seldom do I see a player above 85.
3) The defenders are always clumped together and cover every run made by forwards.
4) The opposition seems to be able to make absurd tackles when the ball is the other side of my player

I understand some of this will be abusing the game dynamics, but when I've tried some of these tactics, it just doesn't work.

Could anybody give me some advice on playing these players? Or link me to a youtube that shows D1/2 gameplay?



  • sturges12345
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    this does not bode well for me - just won div 3
  • ConductorConte
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    this does not bode well for me - just won div 3

    Let me know if you have the same experience.
  • DadTbx
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    Or just get relegated from Div1
  • reconskill
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    go on twitch and watch some streams fromm jukez, inception, gorilla etc. Watch their fut champs gameplay, you will learn alot.
  • Rollin21h
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    edited November 2016
    Just won div 2 with 7-1-1, no difference for me between 1 2 and 3, so its gotta be you. All you can do is just play the game to get better, watch your gameplay and check what you've done wrong and learn from your mistakes. Also playing weekeng league is a great way to get better, even if you loose a lot, since you see how a good player plays and you try to adapt to their tactics.
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