something changed in the game or I'm crazy?

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about month ago I stopped playing FUT and started playing regular online seasons, I reached div 1 and I'm there for 4 seasons and didn't get relegated. Then this weekend I built a good team on FUT and started playing again, I was on div 6, I won 13 and tied 1 without any loss and reached div 4. Then yesterday I was playing and I couldn't do nothing, not a single skill move or a single 1 2 pass, every opponent parking the bus and defending like I never saw on regular seasons, I found weird because in div 1 on regular seasons I wasn't struggling so much, I was almost winning the title, and now I back in div 5 on FUT. Anyone noticed somthing or I'm playing badly? Also how big is the difference between FUT online seasons and regular online seasons?



  • Littl3woodCCFC
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    The gameplay settings on ultimate team are faster than regular seasons so that could be a big part of it.
  • TacoDaPug
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    FUT is a lot harder than regular seasons
  • BlueC
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    Dont know what to tell you.. try again tommorrow and you might be able to Win again. Its like a different game each day lol (no joke)
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