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How to upgrade this team?

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Hello guys. So I am not spending any $$ on game this year, I'm not a type of a guy who trades and I didn't really have time to play FUT Champs so far because of busy weekends recently (well, a bit last weekend, but only played 18 games, won 14 I guess) because of the wedding haha, so I am not able to afford very expensive players. This team plays really good, found the 433(5) extremely suitable for my playstyle (a lot of dribblings on the wings then cuts in) so the formation has to stay. I am slowly gathering more and more coins, mostly from seasons, currently div 2, going for 1 after the weekend (hopefully gonna earn a bit this weekend thanks to FUT Champs, finally got a lot of spare time during the weekend, so I hope I can hit elite, or at least gold 1/2) and I am thinking about upgrades.

*First idea is a Martial. I've seen so many people using him, is he really that good this year? stat wise looks similar to Depay, is there a point in upgrading Depay to a Martial?

*Second thing is the goalkeeper. I've been using Butland with PL CB's (Smalling + Matin/Zouma), but switched to Jagielka to fit Hart into a team, he's okayish I'd say, but since Cech is around 35-40k I would be able to afford him, just not sure if there's a point spending most of my money for a GK?

*Bailly? H/M workrates for a CB aren't that big of an issue as they used to be in the past, is that true? Otherwise he looks great.

*PSG side works fine, usually I take off Cavani around 60th min for some pacey striker like Musa, when my opponents players are tired, and Edinson does the job at least decent. For some reason Pastore isn't as good as I expected him to be, so maybe some change here? Any ideas?

Anything else you would do with that team? Sorry for my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ English, hopefully it's understandable :D



  • AkeySlake
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    I'd change that CM straight away (Pereyra?). Need a solid, defensive player in that midfield trio mate.
  • TheRaq
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    AkeySlake wrote: »
    I'd change that CM straight away (Pereyra?). Need a solid, defensive player in that midfield trio mate.

    Herrera is great for me, Pereyra is there only since yesterday (played 5 games scored 4 goals lol). Previously I was using Schneiderlin, which was good, but was looking for someone with better agility, Schneiderlin is a bit sluggish, feels like riding a tree - if an enemy runs onto him he will do okay, but if he has to catch up or even worse - do something creative with the ball.. he's awful. Was thinking about Matic or Kouyate. Pastore, as I said, has good games, but most of the time he's like 6/10, kinda dissappears in the game. Also got SBC Barry, Xhaka, Henderson, Firmino (subbing him on a CM usually), but they didn't really impress me.
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