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Need a Barca CAM to keep Suarez on 10 chem within a bundesliga hybrid. Not sure whether to go for Gomes, Turan or Rafinha as I dont want to pay that much for Iniesta just now. Has anyone used any of these in CAM and have any opinion on who to go for? Also using Martinez and Bernat but could change to Sokratis 8 chem with Schmelzer? Cheers.


  • InfernaL
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    Turan is good, I liked him a lot. Don't overlook Bender, he's quite good if you put anchor on him.
  • Mackie17
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    Gomes is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hot
  • Dandingooo
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    Rafinha should be IF this week, always one of my favourite players can't wait to pick him up
  • Mul1916
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    Thanks. How much do you reckon rafinha if would be (assuming he gets one)? Got about 80k that i want to spend finishing the teams i have.

    Mackie did you use Gomes at CAM? Was thinking he looked more suited to CM withTuran at CAM.
  • pudgyfudgy
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    I've used Rafinha and Turan and don't really like them both.

    Rafinha makes nice bursts into the box and if you can get the ball through to him, it's a certain goal. But he disappears for most of the game.

    Turan feels a little sluggish for me. Not sure if it's because of the button lag or what, but he always seems to take longer to control the ball before moving it on. He also never makes runs into the box, which is what I like my CAMs to do.
  • Alan94
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    Is this a real question? :D Rakitic is a no brainer.
  • kayron16
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    If you got 80k then it's Rakitic all day. Gomes is a cdm and the other two are bang average.
  • uryflqk
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    Rakitic or Rafinha. Turan and Gomes are better at CM.
  • Bqnda
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    Rafinha got killer left foot, scores a lot outside of the box. Arda is more creative, Alcantara is more explosive.
  • SkillsPersonified
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    Rakitic scored on tap from range for me. Used almost a full Barca team and he (and Iniesta) really stood out!
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