Help needed to build up a brand new team

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So far i'm playing a Serie A team and i'm stuck in D4 using a 4312 with:
Handanovic - Florenzi Manolas Bonucci Alex Sandro - De Rossi Nainggolan Asamoah - Banega - Eder (or Muriel) Niang.
I feel very comfortable with this squad but i think i need a higher level team to rise in D1.
I have 850k to spend on a brand new team but i have no idea on what kind of team to build up.
Any idea o advice?


  • Ning
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    Personally I'd keep that defense, I've found similar to be very strong. Maybe go 4-3-2-1 and then you can have any midfield/attack around them.

    Maybe IF Castro/Reus/Auba one side and a linking RF/CMx2 on the other side.
  • Cloudio7
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    Thanks @Ning.
    Any other idea?
  • mihain247
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    Your team is more than enough,. You can even win Div 1 with it
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