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Now the FIFA,is American football or headball game?EA,I just wanna tell u!

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from many sad about this fifa17!

1、With pro club,how many teams can play on the ground use foot,all team cross&head,fifa2005? fifa2006?Henry Trezeguet? remember fifa is a football game, not headball game!

2、Unlimited physical fitness, in fifa15/fifa16,physical fitness is not enough, we all say very good,ye, superman come back!

3、everyone is a superman 6‘3+ ,Ibrahimovic&C.R, superman come back!

4、AI too silly, AI&Player out of balance,the team ,more players more advantages!

5、so many BUG: fancy pass , power fk , search matches stuck , over rating displays an error.

No Guardiola's Barcelona, does not mean that the world does not have ground football!

soccer is not the American football , Nor headball!

6、Excessive commercialization, emphasis on UT & despise PRO, If the made pro-club to DLC, I am willing to spend money for it. But please let me play a balanced game,like fifa15,fifa16!

cross head goal ,cross head goal .the meaning of the game!

thanks for read! look for patches!

- A faithful fifa player , since 1998!
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