what's with the extra touch when trying to clear?

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a cross comes in and i want to head it clear but my defender takes an extra touch and tries to bring the ball down.
i press the button like i have every other FIFA but this year the player doesn't want to clear it first time!
i've started using the pass button instead and it seems to work better in terms of not having to take the extra touch, but in doing this i run the risk of giving the ball away.

its not lag because it happens offline too.

is it just me?


  • I've been having the same problem. It's another one of those weird things that didn't show up in the demo.
  • Patd95y
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    It's the same when trying to take a first time shot. For some unexplained reason it wants to control first
  • Wi1son73
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    Have you tried not pressing anything but the shoot and direction away from goal?
    I had my finger without really knowing on sprint button. Which resulted in 80% off doing that pish...
  • This is just painful.. In 2 occasions the extra touch resulted in an own goal, but 95% of the times I can't score an easy goal because my players always try to control the ball, and this happens also while defending.. Please EA fix this because the gameplay is really broken this way..
  • KaverHansen
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    Could it be you press it to late so the player have to take it down first ?
  • No way, I play fifa since 2010 and never faced this issue.. I press it when the ball is in the air but my player always wants to stop the ball..
  • lordCriper
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    Yeah, this keeps happening, I'm terrified each time a cross comes towards my area. lol
  • KaverHansen
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    The game changes from year to year. I have experienced it alot also.

    Yesterday i didnt concede one header goal. As soon as the opponent crossed i used l2 and left stick to jostle. When i felt my player should jump i pressed circle and it seemed to work.

    Could be my opponents just sucked who knows
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