FIFA 17 Question

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If i wanted to order FIFA 17 Super deluxe edition for my xbox one that me and my brother use and we share the game and Xbox but use different Ultimate Teams how would we both get the content the super deluxe edition gives?


  • KingLionel10
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    Think of how many people would exploit this for the free stuff on 2 separate accounts.
  • Dodds
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    You don't.
  • Hippyboy6
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    Only 1 of you would get the content (assuming its the same as this year)
  • Mattr1098
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    Thats annoying, do you reckon you could buy a code for the extra content it gives? So it's not possible for 2 accounts to get the deluxe stuff on the same Xbox whatsoever
  • Mattr1098
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    So could i not buy another super deluxe code without buying another fifa 17?
  • pumavii
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    you probably can get the code on ebay after fifa 17 launches , or ask a friend for it that doesnt play fut lol but ordered the super deluxe lol
  • Hey does anyone know if in the journey mode you'll be able to have more than one saved game?
  • pncv14
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    Hi - how do i add another ps4 user to allow to play fifa17 ?
    The game is locked for other users than the one downloaded the game
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