Taking corners

1st I'm playing the demo on PS4.

Now for the questions:

- What's with the new corner system? Can't I just put the camera behing my player so I can take corners the way I'm used to, the traditional way? during free-kicks I'm able to do it by pressing the L3 button If I'm not mistaken...), but why not during corners?

- Did anyone notice that the anti-aliasing problems still remains?

- And I'm hoping that the PL scoreboard and animations are featured in FIFA 17, or it will be a major lost.

Cheers to everyone!


  • jjara
    76 posts Park Captain
    I dont think there is an option to switch to traditional. I noticed swerve/curl on some corners but it depended on the natural curve and who I had taking them. i.e. Left footer kicks an outswinger from the right corner

    if youre having trouble scoring try the driven corner to the near post. i nailed a few like that yesterday/
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