Rate Your Fifa 16 Experience....

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Out of 10, what rating would you give your OVERALL Fifa 16 Experience?

Take into account everything about the game both good and bad....


  • Baznotsobad76
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    I'll give it a generous 4/10
  • mHazard
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    edited September 2016

    The game itself is pretty good for my taste, but the inconsisties of the gameplay and horrible pack weight ruined my game experiences every other day.

    Yeah and all those fitness and chem issues.
  • TeamRem
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    On the whole, this was probably my third favorite FIFA and second favorite fut.
  • Advait
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  • CraigFWba
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    8. Mainly because they got pace spot on.
  • Jaxite
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  • Kip2MyLou
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    Great at the beginning. Like 8 or 9. Then when the inconsistencies started happening a little after that dreadful December patch, it went all down hill. Probably a solid 5 or 6. I still had fun but only because I didn't care about winning or losing anymore at that point due to the game just having it's own mind sometimes.
  • Rumplefish
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    Had fun at the start but I feel it got boring or just not fun pretty early this year, at least for me.

  • ChrisLFC
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  • Ker_Mit
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    gameplay 7
    market 9
  • AtomicOdin
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    6/10 fun to start with but got boring very quickly. Past games have been worse but oddly entertaining, this was a better game but dull.
  • Antiversum
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    8/10 in the first two weeks, not more than 4/10 overall.
  • ale85bg
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    8/10: possibly the best FIFA I've ever played (and surely the best of the last 3 years).

    The demo deserved a 9/10 and so did FIFA 16 at release.
    It probably also deserves a solid 8.5/10 now especially with Matt10's sliders, but there's been a period in which I didn't really like what EA were doing with patches (I mean, I believe it was patch 1.03 when all of a sudden dribbling became way easier... That's the kind of things I don't like) and that's why I won't push myself over a more than honest 8/10 if I had to evaluate all the lifespan of the game.

    In all honesty, the only FIFA that could stand a comparison against FIFA 16 without losing by a huge margin is the mighty FIFA 12 (which indeed I still play to date, even if I now feel it's a little too fast compared to FIFA 16). Let's say that if I had to choose the best FIFA ever I'd choose either FIFA 12 or FIFA 16.
  • WFCBagnall
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  • Diggy
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    Market 9
    Gameplay 6
  • murazor
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    market 10
    gameplay 4
  • 3.

    I actually think Fifa 16 was just a massive troll by EA after all the abuse they took for how bad 15 was. Like...'oh you think thats bad, ok....we'll show you bad'. I mean, no decent company in their right minds would actually put this garbage out there for ppl to buy...right?? Passing, player switching and just general inconsistancy make this game hell. How can i hold Div 1 and then stuggle in Div 8!!?? Literally can not wait for 17!!
  • ZebidyAndIrony
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    i think id give it a 5.5.

    its addictive because it football.
    i hate it but keep coming back probably in hope my isp have given me a golden p2p routing system.

    yes the game sucks over p2p.

    pro clubs is ok but seriously....in drop in matches its terrible with every idiot wanting to dribble past the whole oposition.
    and looks like they havent done enough in 17 to weed out these idiots.

    offline...stopped playigng fifa way backbecause the AI is very wrong and unenjoyable.

    it gets a high score from me because some onlie games can be fun when there are no blatant advantages to one of the the players.
  • Liam W
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    Best yet in many ways but ultimately the gameplay in FUT was far too rewarding to counter-attacking/skill spamming and that sucked a lot of enjoyment from the game.
  • lszanto
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    Probably will continue to drop next year. Still waiting for a game that feels as good as 12 did. Never had connection issues, far less pests online also, the popularity of UT has killed it imo.
  • chaser2k15
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    Gameplay is not fun at times. It is very inconsistent. I know certain things affect game play.

    I really enjoy trading this year. The companion app is much better this year. Prefer it to the web app. If the web app gave you the ability to compare price and still go back to the search in the same place.
  • Gromit
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    Game speed better than past years, defenders correctly paced.

    Market pretty stable top players more affordable.

    Chem glitch
    Passing erratic as hell.
    Sweeper keepers
    Dribbling still too OP
    Skills too OP, fake shot after fake shot all game.
    Lag lag lag
    Constantly matched versus foreign opponents
    Keepers either unbeatable or idiots, no balance.
    Bronze and silver teams can't get a game
  • Tekkerz
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    9/10 nerfed lobbed through balls great market to buy players most enjoyable Fifa I've played the only negative is op interceptions.
  • PVFCB97xD
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    Market 10
    Gameplay 8
    Gameplay consistency -10
  • Ishibum
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    Started as an 8 but no higher than 4 for me.

    The market is a 9 though
  • Mikael
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  • Whitebeard
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    market is 10
    Gameplay got a lot better since I got a new router, 7/10
    Consistency, uh...can't rate it low enough

    Overall, 6.5-7/10 for me.
  • BistroXII
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    A couple of weeks ago on a bad day I gave it 4/10 but I think that was influenced by a few frustrating matches.

    And over the last 2-3 weeks I've enjoyed it more than the rest of the year.
  • P
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    Stopped playing months ago. First time that's happened. Maybe I've outgrown it or maybe I'm just fed up but I'm seriously debating not getting the next fifa. Forum and UT founder.
  • illinifan
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    Advait wrote: »

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