Stuck in Division 4... i can't **** finish.

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I create... and create... and create...


Still... saves.

Cech and Neuer are **** dead to me...

By stuck i mean 2 seasons of near-promotion, but still...

These are the teams i use:

^There are many variations of these, i switch formations around to keep it fresh.
Chicharito with 20 in 23, Layun with free kicks and sometimes Jimenez (headers) are carrying this.

This team is just... so many chances, so few goals.

Cavani is the only one i can trust, 20 in 30 or so...
Pastore is also very good.

The rest just miss 1v1 after 1v1 after 9 yard clear-cut shot after tap in.

Is it really the year where i have to give up and buy into the 'high rated player' stuff?

I've always played with silvers/gold mixes, even a bronze or two in high divisions and consistantly stayed in div1/div2 with no problem...

Are silvers really useless now?

What is some content, some youtuber or whatever i can watch to get better at finishing?

Do you really need 85+ finishing strikers to finish chances?

Why are wingers with 70+ finishing SO USELESS at scoring a 1v1?

When you go 1v1 with the keeper at different angles, how do you finish?

What are the stats that make a striker/player NOT get dispossesed too easily?

PS. I started this year of FIFA on July 2nd or something, i don't know how it works, i've been improvising so far... playing since 2012, i should be good at this.

I have no trouble defending, i usually concede 1... rarely more.


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    Its just something you learn. There are sweet spots that you just get to know either go cross body, finesse, or power shot ect. You also need to watch the gk position. If you are cutting in from the wing a lot of times far post looks open but the gk will cover it and near post is the better option.
  • dafuq are those teams
    sweaty bpl or just quit the game before u start play
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